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The Internet

Submission + - China Says Internet Addiction a Mental Disorder

eldavojohn writes: "China has taken new extremes in preventing internet addiction in youths and is even offering boot camps to parents who want their child weened from the electric teat. Some go as far as electric shock or drug treatment while others seem to embrace a cold turkey stance. The article notes that "no country has gone quite as far as China in embracing the theory that heavy Internet use should be defined as a mental disorder and mounting a public crusade against Internet addiction." The article mentions the story of Sun Jiting who "spends his days locked behind metal bars in this military-run installation, put there by his parents. The 17-year-old high school student is not allowed to communicate with friends back home, and his only companions are psychologists, nurses and other patients. Each morning at 6:30, he is jolted awake by a soldier in fatigues shouting, "This is for your own good!"" Sun found himself spending 15 hours or straight on the internet. Thanks to his parent's intervention and the treatment, he now has life mapped out until he's 84. Maybe this is a little extreme — I have no idea what I'm doing yet from 24 to endl, and I'm not too concerned about it."

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