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MojoKid writes: "Several months ago, AT&T notified customers that it would begin throttling network speeds for users who exceeded a certain threshold, with the definitive throttle point defined as an imprecise "the top 5% of mobile data users." The company has issued a statement clarifying this policy after irate customers with unlimited data plans demanded to know what the cap was and how the company determined who should and shouldn't be throttled. The magic number is 3GB, which conveniently happens to be the maximum amount of tiered bandwidth AT&T will sell you. So why would AT&T want unlimited users to move to tiered pricing when its maximum tier is also set at 3GB? Simple — the amount of money the company makes on customers who exceed that 3GB limit. The fine print reads: "If 3GB is exceeded, an additional 1 GB is automatically provided at a rate of $10 for each additional 1 GB." Anyone using above 3GB on an unlimited plan is a customer who isn't paying enough for the privilege (from AT&T's perspective)."
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AT&T Clarifies Data Limitations on "Unlimited" Data Plans

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  • And this is why you always read the fine print first. A company that cannot deliver the advertised "bold letter" offer isn't worth paying into. In other words, while AT&T can "clarify" their data plan, as a customer, you have the option of "clarifying" your opinion on the matter by choosing a different provider, or not choosing them at all in the first place.

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