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Azmodan writes: Ubisoft is known for laying the blame for many problems on the unauthorized downloading of its games. Stanislas Mettra, creative director of the upcoming game ‘I Am Alive,’ confirms this once again by saying that the decision not to release a PC version is a direct result of widespread game piracy. However, those who look beyond the propaganda will see that there appears to be more to the story than that.
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Ubisoft Blames Piracy for Non-Release of PC Game

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  • âoeBut are these people just making noise just because thereâ(TM)s no version or because itâ(TM)s a game they actually want to play? Would they buy it if we made it?â

    Now, correct me if I'm wrong here.. but let's say they make this game for the cost of 12 devs over 3 months, and sell $50,000 copies.. and they break even .. but lose the opportunity to potentially make more money if the game does take off.. doesn't this mean that this is a bad business decision?

    Isn't this akin to saying "

    • by tibman ( 623933 )

      i agree. If they sold it for only 10$ and sold 50k copies.. that's 500k$. Divided amongst 12 devs for 3 months is a little over 13.8k$ per dev per month. I'd say that's really good money for those guys. Even half that pay is 83k$ a year. So i'd say she's talking trash.

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