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An anonymous reader writes: The IT industry is a lot different than it was 10 years ago, it underwent a huge boom in terms of labor and services requirements to keep up with the times. Now, we are entering a consolidation phase. The cloud makes it easier for companies to host e-mail, so now instead of organizations having their own exchange guy they will outsource it to the cloud, instead of having a bunch of network engineers they will deploy wireless and no longer need cabling and as much network engineering services. What do you think the long trend of this will be? What skills do you think will be useful in 10 years? Is IT going to put it's own out of work like we did with the post office and libraries?
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Changing Landscape of IT

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  • its not uncommon for professionals to tqm (total quality management) or lean (lean manufacturing/enterprise) themselves out of a job. i guess it pays not be only as good at what you do as you need to be. i think cloud services will be useful for some applications, but not all. office365 may take off because microsoft will no doubt force the issue but also it'll probably cheaper long term for businesses anyway, although i can't imagine companies not wanting to keep at least one local copy of their documents

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