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Submission + - Lasers to replace sparkplugs in engines? ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: For more than 150 years, spark plugs have powered internal combustion engines. Automakers are now getting close to being able to replace this long-standing technology with laser igniters, which should enable cleaner, more efficient, and more economical vehicles. Price and size have been issues holding up such an advance, but a Japanese team is set to announce they've overcome those hurdles.
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Lasers to replace sparkplugs in engines?

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  • combustion engines will be around that long? LOL
    • What technologies are you seeing that will replace it? Electric vehicles? Welcome to the cold north, where battery packs have even less capacity than room temperature. Turbines? Chrysler tried that in the 60's, it would only be good for a series hybrid. Diesel is an option, but US consumers are still wary because the crappy diesels of the 80's.

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