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Submission + - Giving a Netbook to a 4yr old. What to load on it? 2

nostrodecus writes: I have a nephew who is very young, but who has the techie gene — he found the Gruffalo on youtube before anyone knew he could spell. Now he's almost 4, and I was thinking of giving him my netbook (Acer running XP), which i hardly use any more. So of course I will be deleting all the porn, but what should I load up on it? Are there tools/apps that I can load up on it to protect it and him from things he shouldn't see until college? Also, what apps or games could I load on it that a 4 year old will get some use out of?
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Giving a Netbook to a 4yr old. What to load on it?

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  • I would suggest installing an OS that is targeted at educational purposes. Edubuntu comes to mind ( I'm sure that any person growing up in today's world will have plenty of exposure to Windows and the Internet. Installing Edubuntu would provide him with the exposure to alternative operating systems and at the same time will provide learning opportunities for years to come. Once you've installed Edubuntu you will have a multitude of available applications and games. Just my $.02.
  • We need to think about computers and mobile devices, we need to think about them as delivery mechanisms - especially for learning. We cannot deny that this is and will be a big part of our kids' world. A company called SIx Red Marbles has some on-line products that not only teach but help the brain learn how to learn. My 6 year old son loves it and started using it at 4 or so (and yes, he also plays baseball, basketball, soccer, karate, and swims for those of you afraid a young child shouldn't play on a

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