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Submission + - Facebook Adds Delete Account Option 1

roseability writes: Facebook have quietly added the ability to delete you account. 'Deactivate Account', under Account Setting, has become 'Deactivate or Delete Account', and when checked it purports to permanently delete your account and all information you have shared. Facebook is actually willing to erase your data permanently? They must be counting on very few people doing so.
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Facebook Adds Delete Account Option

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  • Prior to implementing the change, it took some research on Google find out how I could successfully delete my FaceBook account (rather frustrating when you decide that FaceBook isn't what you want to do.).

    It required manually selecting/removing all things pinned to the account: items on the "wall", etc.

    Why a button wasn't added to accommodate my wish to ditch my account was very disconcerting, adding to my desire to bow out of this community.

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