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Submission + - Why broadband in North America is NOT slow ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: An article written in response to that study regarding how far behind the rest of the word the US and Canada are with regards to broadband internet. It basically tears it apart and shows why the US and Canada are actually far ahead of most of the european countries. It has a canadian slant, but is interesting!
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Why broadband in North America is NOT slow

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  • In the year 2001 Yahoo and SBC (AT&T) join forces and created the broadband network that I've used since the beginning. The bill is added to my phone bill, so it makes one less bill I have to deal with. The service offers Yahoo Plus, virus protection, and AP news. Cable is faster, but I have kept the phone DSL service. I don't know if service anywhere else in the world is faster or better. All I know is that it works for me. d_may

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