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Submission + - Microsoft to Get $100M Annual Tax Cut and Amnesty (microsofttaxdodge.com) 2

reifman writes: Despite a $2.8 billion deficit, Washington State's House Bill 3176 would provide Microsoft with a $100 million tax cut annually and possible amnesty on its $1.27 billion Nevada tax dodge. Under current law, all of Microsoft's worldwide licensing revenues of approximately $20.7 billion annually are taxable at .484 percent. Under the new law, only the portion of software licenses sold to Washington state customers would be taxable. Ironically, after slashing Microsoft's tax burden, HB3176 directs the Department of Revenue to crack down on "abusive tax transactions" like those in Nevada — except for a loophole that may provide Microsoft amnesty on its twelve year practice. The bill's lead sponsor is Ross Hunter of Medina, home to Bill Gates and a number of current and former Microsoft billionaires and multi-millionaires, and other areas around Microsoft's corporate campus.
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Microsoft to Get $100M Annual Tax Cut and Amnesty

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