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Submission + - K Desktop Environment is now Plasma Desktop (kde.org) 2

Jiilik Oiolosse writes: After literally years of agonizing over the details, KDE has killed KDE. In what is essentially, this is the same process that Mozilla went through, originally being a browser, but now being an organization, the KDE community has killed to term K Desktop Environment (previously the Kool Desktop Environment). KDE had previously ambiguously referred to both the community, and the complete set of programs and tools produced by the KDE community which together formed a desktop user interface. This set of tools, including the window manager, panels and configuration utilities, which KDE terms a 'workspace', will now be shipped under the term "Plasma Desktop". This allows KDE to ship a separate workspace called "Plasma Netbook", and independently market the various KDE applications as usable in any workspace, whether it be the Plasma Desktop, Windows, or XFCE.
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K Desktop Environment is now Plasma Desktop

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  • I feel like an old man saying this... but catchy rebranding always bothers me. This feels like an Ubuntu style leap toward accessibility in order to break into the netbook market, and I haven't been horribly impressed with the way Canonical handled that fiasco. Then again, if things were up to me we'd still be riding dinosaurs.

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