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Submission + - Oracle to sell Sun's hardware biz to HP? 2

Underholdning writes: "With the DOJ approving Oracle's SUN buyour the question arises what Oracle want to do with SUN's hardware business. It's no secret that what Oracle wanted was the software part. Now The Inquired is running a story claiming that Oracle will sell the hardware business of SUN to HP. This will give Oracle a juicy check while HP can increase it's services. However, Larry Ellison denies that it will take place. A source CNN claims otherwise."
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Oracle to sell Sun's hardware biz to HP?

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  • 1. What about Solaris? Some sort of licensing deal with a built-in ownership transition or phase-out?

    2. Will IBM flinch?

    • by mollog ( 841386 )
      Oracle buying Sun but only wanting or needing its software side was somewhere between Duh and Do'h! HP should be in no hurry to buy the Sun hardware/OS business. That entire market is quite mature and the value is marginal.

      It's a pity that Sun took over MySQL so soon before Oracle took over Sun. I don't expect that this is good news for MySQL.

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