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Apache+mod_ssl vs Apache-SSl ?

x00 writes "I am looking into using a SSL Server (preferably with Apache) and I came across mod_ssl and Apache-SSL. What I'd like to know is, what are the differences between the two, and what are their benefits and disadvantages. I've looked at the respective sites and they give you little information on this. mod_ssl just says to compare the code changes between the two and Apache-SSL just acknowledges that mod_ssl exists. " jimjag responds: a short description of the differences between the 2 are that mod_ssl uses the module approach of "hooking" into Apache, whereas Apache-SSL is more of a "built in" solution. Both require patching the official Apache source code, to allow for the actual SSL hooks. mod_ssl was heavily based on the original Apache-SSL and was written to make it less a "big patch" and more of a "drop-in" module that can be used. Loyal /. readers, please add your comments and suggestions! :)
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Apache+mod_ssl vs Apache-SSl ?

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