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The Corporate Burrito

Today I ate a corporate burrito. Two actually. They taste like a normal, personal microwavable burrito. They look like a normal "for individual use only" microwavable burritos. But these were most definitely corporate burritos. They were purchased with the Blockstackers American Express card, a case of mountain dew, and approximitely 18 more microwavable burritos in a gigantic "Economy Valu-Save Mega Pack". This sort of decedance could only be funded by a corporation like BSI, because lord knows no rational individual woul go to the store and become inspired to purchase an economy valu-save mega pack of burritos. Maybe a dozen microwavable stoffers lasagna or 50 Ham 'n Cheeze or Philidalphia Cheese Steak Hot Pockets, but twenty microwavable burritos is just to many for any individual man to own. Well, unless of course he fears that come January 1, the apocolypse will cause a massive microwavable burrito shortage, and now is the time to stockpile. Mind you anyone that is relying on microwavable food for their post-apocolyptic lunches is obviously seven cans short of a six pack. No sir: Only a corporation would buy microwavable burritos in this quantity. But they're tasty.
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The Corporate Burrito

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