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AOL May Buy Into "India's AOL"

gupg writes "AOL is trying to buy a major stake in Satyam Infoway (Nasdaq:SIFY), India's own AOL. Check out the article on Hindustan Times. Interestingly, a bunch of us were having a discussion today about how pervasive the internet has become in India. You can now go to a public telephone booth operator and access the internet; kind of like internet kiosks all over the city. Estimates about India's Internet population are sketchy. The government ISP, VSNL has about 300,000 paid accounts (last count). The number of Internet-users in India is estimated to be between two and three million. Most Internet-users share PCs, so the number of users should be five to six times the number of accounts. Industry experts expect this number to double every few years."
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AOL May Buy Into "India's AOL"

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