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So with the rise of Karma, now suddenly I have a whole new class of Bitch mail in my box to be treated to each and every mornign: "My Karma is Low". They bitch. They moan. Over Karma. Over a few bits a thousand miles away. Bits that only control wether or not they can moderate a website.

Sometimes I look at the comments when they complain, but they're almost always stupid comments. And now they're angry because they wrote something stupid and lost some karma because of it. And its my fault someone didn't like it. And dammit, I better fix it right now!

Time to add a new filter into ye old procmail script: any message containing the word 'karma' should be forwarded to /dev/null. I have actual work to do sometimes. Or else I need a 'Karma Department' where burly men named 'Herb' can print out karma complaints and urinate on them for me. It wouldn't help anything, but it would make me feel better.

Maybe I'm just cranky. Maybe I need a day off. Karma is cool.

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