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Barca Lounger for Geeks 47

biggaloot writes "This contraption for computing from your favorite recliner is pretty tempting. Spring for the plush his and hers loveseat with built-in cooler and you'll seldom have to stand up. " I'm exceptionally amused that the model in the picture is wearing sweatpants.
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Barca Lounger for Geeks

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  • Well, it's safe to assume that nobody takes this guy seriously. I also think he hopes that's true, because if somebody at GeoCities takes this thing seriously they're gonna boot him off and tell him to pay stupid amounts of money to his ISP to get a commercial account :).

    --- A person is smart. People are stupid. ---
    (and no, I don't know what that's from)
  • You laptop jockeys may want to look at one of these; it's called the Laptop Laidback [zdnet.com].
  • I prefer recliners. I also have a waterbed, a couch, and a floor. All provide great resting areas, but a recliner just seems to grab my ass the best. Unfortunately, it can only hold one person at a time, making the bed the most logical choice for nightime.
  • And to think I've been arguing with my girlfriend that guys don't always have holes in their socks... damn.
  • He could have at least put a pretty girl in the chair.
  • at least one of the photos blatantly displays the lack of cords plugged into the CPU.
  • I'm willing to bet that pretty girls aren't willing to go near him in a crowded subway let alone sit on his bed and let him take pictures of them.
  • A person is smart. People are stupid.

    That's from Men in Black, by the way.

    "Why the big secret? People are smart, they can handle it."

    "A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, impulsive animals and you know it."

    Ob: This thing looks like it would hurt after a couple of hours (or days,as the case may be.) I could see, however, a slightly more rigid seat which reclines, but not that dang soft. I'd fall asleep between Deathmatches.

  • Watch out that it doesn't heat your testicles or your wife won't be getting any.

    Never underestimate the power of wishful thinking to filter what the eyes see and what the ears hear
  • Umm, on thing about these are they are really bad on your back. If you have ever slept ona recliner or hunched up and read a book in your bed, oyur back hurts not long after you started. Look at the way the guys back is bent in the pictures. Inless you are sitting straight up, like you would in a normal chair, after a short period of time you are going to have some bad back pains. Do this everyday and you are going to be hunched over and crippled when you are older.
  • The lounge-O-computer-desk looks more like a joke than an actual product to me.

    I'll stick with my Aeron, thanks.
  • I am currently in my large bathtub, literally up to my (sore) neck in hot water, with my laptop on a large removable shelf spanning the tub about four or five inches above the water line. Every time I think my circulation needs a kick-start I simply hit the "on" button for the tub's jets. Every time I get cold, I run in more hot water. My practical limitations are (a) when I must have more coffee (it's 3 AM and my wife isn't going to be too cooperative on that front) or (b) my bladder reaches ultimate overload.

    The laptop is set so it is slightly higher at the back, slanting the keyboard down so I can see/use it more easily. In practice I do most of my net surfing from the tub, and then I can hunker down so the only parts of me above the water line are my eyes and the hand controlling the mouse. The power supply brick is in a splashproof spot and is on a GFI besides, so everything is safe - except, of course, for trying to explain things to my wife if I should ever actually screw up and drop the laptop into the water.

    BTW, the shelf is about 18" wide, so my midsection is decently covered, and friends and family can wander in and out without any averted eyes or my scrambling for something opaque!

    Seriously, I've got significant neck problems, and I spend maybe four hours a day under water, in much more comfort than sitting at a chair. If I'm not using the laptop, I'm reading, using a stand sitting on the shelf to hold my book upright hands-free. Oh yes, I also have a pair of "terminal glasses" so I comfortably focus at the two-foot distance of screen or book; trying to read something higher than my head with bifocals would not further the ultimate goal of making my neck feel better.

  • first of all, i don't think that i'm going to buy $490 (+shipping) of 'equipment' from someone on geocities.
    second of all, 'Machined and powder coated, durable quality all-steel construction' costs a lot of money to produce. why would i buy that from a company that can't spring $2 to buy their model a pair of socks without holes in them? i realize that we all have socks with holes, we all wear them, and we all don't care, but how many of us are trying to sell something? are they trying to show us how natural computing can be? i don't know...
    and thirdly, someone needs to check their usage of punctuation. it seems to me that 'Machined and powder coated, durable quality all-steel construction.' needs a comma between 'durable' and 'quality'. i don't mean to seem anal retentive, but my compiler doesn't let me get away with leaving commas out so i'm not letting them get away with it either.

    a reply to the parent comment:

    >I'd fall asleep between Deathmatches.

    civil service employees the world over call that power-napping. 8^)
  • I notice there's no surface for manuals, scribbled notes, or other reference material.

    This thing may be nice for web surfing or completely paperless environments. But most people trying to do serious work will need another piece of furnature (or another computer).

    Yes, I know it's theoretically possible to work without anything beyond the screen and what's in your head - if your tools (or your head's RAM) are good enough. But IMHO theory and practice have yet to meet.

  • Yup, I saw it on ZDTV last week. It was, sadly, the only source of Tech news that I could find in the Bahamas.
  • I've been going to build one of those for ages now (thought of the idea when I was about 12 or so). I always figured maybe I'd run into some dentist's chairs at an auction or something but never did, so I'm figuring on building one from scratch. I was going to start on it this weekend but my favorite place to scrounge for unusual metals (like the stainless steel pole I'll need) was closed for the holiday. But mine's going to have motorized height adjustments and movable elbow joints on those monitor/keyboard arms, and a bookrest for when I have to resort to dead-tree edition reading material due to lack of electronic versions.

    Someday I want to build an active-suspension lounge too - one that measures your body weight distribution and actively tries to equalize it for maximum comfort. It will be built for two of course. :-)
  • by Signal 11 ( 7608 ) on Saturday September 04, 1999 @02:31AM (#1705248)

    You put your monitor and keyboard on a swivel mount.. and used a lazy boy recliner instead of a regular chair... and you think you're gonna patent that? Who do you think you are, Microsoft?

    More seriously - I wouldn't recommend that kind of environment for any length of time. While it may *look* good, it most certainly will not *feel* good after long periods of use - there's a reason you should keep your feet on the floor, and your butt to the back of the seat - it keeps you a) alert, and b) minimizes back / neck pain.


  • a hole in his sock, too ! At $500 a pop, you'd think he could get some good socks...
  • Too bad I don't have $490, so I'll have to settle for the computer on a table next to my recliner and couch [attaway.org]. Almost as good, but not much room for adjustment. I hope to see something like this in stores soon as I would be tempted to charge it.
  • This is just too funny! Looks like somebody just got hisself a parallel port cam or perhaps a scanner. He just looks soooo pleased with himself. Hehehe.

    Reminds me of our 5 person network Quake ][ bash in a friend's friend's apartment, all of us laying back in easy chairs and couches with our monitors on the floor, keyboard/mice in laps, and cpu boxen lost in a huge tangle of cables and networkingness. Man that was fun.

    Oh, that was when we went to Seattle to watch Almost Live! live. Bastards! They just canceled the show after 15 years. All good people need to let forth a terrible sigh and then go burn down the KING5 studio. (HEHE. For those out of the Seattle area loop, they also own KONG TV. Get it?? King Kong. hahahahaha!)

    *totally offtopic* Red Hot Chili Peppers New Cut Californication is a bumpin' disk!!!
  • by rde ( 17364 ) on Saturday September 04, 1999 @02:48AM (#1705253)
    My gramps has a chair like that, its exactly the same! Even the handle on the side looks the same!
    It was probably an analytical engine chair.
  • I think this might be great until you want to stand up.. then you might have a slight problem on your hands (or floor).

    Believe me, staying in one position for a long, long, long time (representing anyone who reads slashdot and stays at the computer for many hours) is really hard to re-cover from, and get the blood flowing again.

    Cheers to anything that makes your foot fall asleep.

  • ...you could buy a Twiddler [handykey.com] and relax for 40% of the price.
    I've rigged the furniture in similar ways back when I played red alert for about twenty hours a day. It fucks your back something awful. A good hard chair is your only man.
  • ... but doesn't the smile on that dude make you think he is about to go for your jugular?

    He looks like he's a few megs short of a gig in his cabeza to boot.

  • I'm not sure you can patent a computer and keyboard arm. I have seen them used for ages for instruments, monitors, tools, in hospitals, shops, etc., and its not terribly novel. I use my computer from my recliner [attaway.org] and I'm sure others do to.

    I have thought of building my own monitor holder, but I don't have the equipment to work with light enough metal to make it a cool addition in my computer room. Imagine a 200 lb steel structure welded in the garage that has to be moved to the computer room. Patentable? This world is getting sick.
  • Almost Live should have been cancelled a long time ago. It hasn't been funny for many years. It was a cool concept, though, to have a locally produced comedy show that focused on what's funny here in the Sound...
  • I was wondering where you could get so many long cords to hook everything up to the monitor, but then, looking closer, it's not even plugged in for any of the shots!
  • You call that a computer chair? My gramps has a chair like that, its exactly the same! Even the handle on the side looks the same!
  • Also cheers to anything that makes your gut bigger 'cause you're too lazy to get off your ass and do a little walking or something.

    Now, if it ejected the user at random intervals, that would be entertaining.

    Btw, I'm sure this is just some guy who thought a Lay-Z-Boy computer setup would be cool, discovered it's pretty cheap to do and got his best friend from the Commodore 64 days to pose for him after he made it. If that boy is reading this, here's some advice: Don't put people in your product shots. Also, use a studio for the pictures, not your place of dwelling. And loose the sweatpants! (but be sure to replace them with something else...)
  • Oh yeah. And cheers to anything on GeoCities.

  • Although most people wouldn't want to use this for long periods of time, it would be great for any bed-ridden geeks.

    One of my greatest fears is having to endure a long hospital stay with no net connection.
  • Notice that in all pictures, the device is to the right of the bed or chair. I've thought about having a bedside computer, but I'd want it on my *left* since that's the side I sleep on. Wonder if this gadget can switch sides with some wrench-twidding?

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