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Caldera Recognition at Networld+Interop 9

fusion94 wrote in to send us a story about Caldera Winning a 'Well Connected Award' in the Network OS category at Networld+Interop. Nice little publicity there. Nifty.
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Caldera Recognition at Networld+Interop

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  • If your looking for the exact link its: [] .
    Also, there is the video [] of the whole thing so you can see it announced. (thats the whole awards ceremony...)

  • by Anonymous Coward
    They tested only one linux distribution, caldera. Red hat was not even tested. They compared caldera to other non linux operating systems. This is kind of misleading. (redhat was not even in the game)
  • It was good to see Caldera there. I installed 2.2 last weekend, and it was incredibly easy to set up. Hopefully Novell will cooperate a little better so we can get some Netware administration tools available for Linux.

    Penguin Computing was also there with a nifty new server on display. Red Hat didn't have its own setup, but Dell had a Red Hat section for its Power Edge (?) server line. There was also a company displaying its Linux router product. And I forget which company was displaying its Alpha servers designed for Linux.

    While searching for info on Linux-friendly laptops I received a great deal of interest from Gateway and Toshiba. Hopefully they will move this interest out of the "informal" mode into officially supporting Linux on their products.

    And one last ironic thing. While discussing VPN software with Checkpoint, they showed me their new product that runs with Firewall-1. Problem is, they don't have a Linux client for it. I kindly suggested that a firewall admin is very likely to want Linux VPN support at home, and that for some of us Windows is not a desirable choice. Apparently Checkpoint employees are being rebuffed when they suggest that a Linux VPN client would be a good thing. I told them to let the PHBs know that some of their potential VPN customers insist upon it.

    All in all, it was a great show. I was very happy to see the visible interest in Linux this year.

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