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Comdex *Free* Conference Passes 14

Kit Cosper, of Linux-HW sent this over:As co-sponsors of the Linux Global Summit at Comdex Spring in Chicago we have 10 complimentary *conference* passes available. We're making these available to the first 10 qualified people that request them. At this point our definition of "qualified" means that you can supply: (Click below for more information) The conference passes are good-but you can still e-mail Kit for exhibit only passes.
  • First and Last name
  • Job title
  • Address
  • Phone #
  • Fax #
  • Email address

That definition is subject to change, depending upon the number of responses. Requests should be sent to me ( before noon EDT on Friday, April 9.


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Comdex *Free* Conference Passes

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  • Hmm. Within 10 seconds of posting to slashdot, you'll have 10 people.

    The question I want answered is - what do you plan on doing with the other 10,000 e-mail addresses?

  • by mhm23x3 ( 30474 )
    Hmmm... it will be interesting to see how they pick out the first 10 requests out of the 10,000 simultaneous requests that they get.

    Timestamps in miliseconds, perhaps?

  • Could this be a new trend? /.'ing mailservers as well as websites?! :smile:

    Is nothing sacred or safe from the /. effect? :)

  • I would hate someone to get a pass and not be able to get there because they could not arrange transportation or time off.

    I have both taken care of :-)
  • I know Comdex/Toronto attendance is free...
  • Free exhibit floor passes are easy to get as many free ones are sent out, particularly by exhibitors. Conferences have fees. In this case about $200.
  • I was able to get a free floor pass just by signing up at the Comdex web site. I'm not sure if they are still available, what with it being so close, but people should check it out.

    I got my pass, but then my boss decided to cancel my vacation. Damn
  • So now Comdex will be swarming with First Postin' AC's =) Glad I'm going to Linux Expo.
  • If anyone missed the last line above, the conference passes are all spoken for. However if you would like an exhibits-only pass we will gladly send one out in the mail to you.

    We just need name and address for those.



  • Hear! Hear! =)

  • by CDanek ( 34285 )
    I got mine. :]
  • Well, granted it is a big schmoozing event, but there are some really cool things to see and people to meet. And also, it's interesting to see who can carry out the most free stuff.

    In addition, I think the nicest thing about Comdex this year is, naturally, Linux Summit. Although I'm just three hours from Chicago, I've made it to LE & ALS (and will be attending both this year too). However, many people in the midwest can't get to the East or West coast to visit the Linux Shows. This is a better chance to actually meet Linus, and Linux International, maddog, and meet with the Distributions as well.

    You'll note those 10 passes got you into the conferences as well, not simply the exhibits. Any joe can get free exhibit passes.

    If you haven't checked out what's available at Linux Summit / Comdex, check out this. []

    Kara Pritchard

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