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LUG Invites for Spring COMDEX 8

The folks over at COMDEX have sent me a release, (click below to read it) regarding the pricing for LUGs at COMDEX/Linux Global Summit. Long story short: Cheaper. We like cheap.

LINUX Global Summit at COMDEX/Spring & Windows World 99 Special Invitation to Chicago Area LINUX User Groups

In cooperation with LINUX International and the LINUX Journal, COMDEX/Spring will feature the LINUX Global Summit, with a kick-off keynote by Linus Torvalds.

As you may know the COMDEX/Spring & Windows World event is a show for IT and business professionals seeking to deploy technology solutions. The LINUX Global Summit at COMDEX/Spring has been carefully designed to help educate Business and IT professionals on the potential of the LINUX operating system.

The LINUX Global Summit is a comprehensive two-day educational and exposition event that will begin with a keynote from LINUX founder Linus Torvalds. Admission to the educational portion of the event is $195, but we would like to make a special offer to all LINUX User Group members to register at a discount.

We would like to make a special invitation to members of the LINUX User Groups who make up the heart and soul of the LINUX community. By following this link under the COMDEX/Spring 99 event, you can find out more about the LINUX Global Summit and register at a special price of $150, a 25% discount, plus complimentary admission to the exhibits at COMDEX/Spring.

When registering please use the following code, LXC to ensure that you receive the discounted price of $150 and your complimentary show admission. The conference program is filling up fast, so please register now to ensure your seat at the LINUX Global Summit conference. (Seating for the Keynote will be first-come, first-served.)

Thank you

Jeff Sudbey
Conference Director

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LUG Invites for Spring COMDEX

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  • That's just a bogus gimmick. If you register at the comdex site (send them your name, email, address, etc), or actually buy one of the programs (like Linux Global Summit) you can get the exhibit pass for free. Plus I've seen thousands of places also offering this "deal", people have sent me chain letter style emails, "Oh look, you can get this for free!".

    It's all marketing. But what I wanna know, is can I get a refund of the $45, since I've already registered and paid the $195?
  • Floor is free, Linus' keynote is free,

    There is no reason to pay for it unless you want to go to those Linux Global Summit sessions.

    Take a look at this URL btw:
    Chicago LUG Consortium's COMDEX/Spring Page []

  • I was able to get on the the floor, see the keynotes, and the exhibits for free. Just look at the application form.
  • If general admission passes are $100, why are Linux Global Summit passes $150? I presume the extra $50 is being used to pay for speakers?
  • CLUE [] (Canadian Linux Users Exchange) and a few of the Ontario Linux users groups will be at Comdex Toronto in July...

    I just work 2 blocks away from Skydome now... I can walk to it. :)

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