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Various Slashdot Fixes 28

I think the login problems are fixed. It was a stupid mistake (the user account field for time zones was 3 charachters long, so anyone who selected a time zone with a 4 char abbreviation-- like say, cadt, wouldn't be able to login. Yeah, I'm an idiot). I think the cookie problems are resolved now too. I implemented changes to the Comment Limit function: the comments will display nifty little links to pages each containing the next "Comment Limit" # of comments in the top level. Several folks suggested that- I guess it was about time I got off my lazy duff and implemented it. A few bugs still left in nested mode, hopefully I'll sort that out before Futurama. Lastly, Hemos got like 500 or so happy birthday emails. You guys rock. I fear his vengence.
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Various Slashdot Fixes

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  • When its ready. Its nowhere near usable to anyone else. Everything is hardcoded to me. When I finish this round of feature adding ( a few more weeks probably) I'll tar up a ball and let people smash it around. In the meantime, live with the 0.2 piece-of-crap we've got online now.
    Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda
    Pants are Optional
  • Hey, we got cron, don't we? We can send CT birthday email while doing anything we want!

    (I have a daily cron job that sends email to anybody whose birthday is "today" according to my Big Brother Database.)
  • One thing that I think needs to be fixed is this little piece of scoring, where an AC post starts at 0, and a user post starts at 1. I think it seriously biases the moderation system, since just by logging in comments go up a notch. I can not think of a logical reason why the simple act of having a cookie in your web browser's cookie file makes some people's comments worth 1 more point.

    If you want to give people the option to ignore AC posts, then add that as an explicit option. But I think it's unfair that AC posts automatically start 1 point lower, especially since many moderators are reluctant to raise them even when they are good.

    Is it possible that this gets changed Rob, and worry about ranking comments after they actually get posted, rather than before?

    Equal rights for ACs!
  • Try clicking the Code [] link to your left.

    You'll find out a lot more

  • True, very true, LeBleu. And while I did not take part in CT's little "gift", I am *quite* willing to take part in Hemos' revenge.

    In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny...

    "Ain't I a stinker?"

  • Hmm. Let me get this the owner and creator of a kickass linux/other stuff website makes some major improvements to his code, and he screws up one little character thing in his user files and that makes him an "idiot?"

    Hell, I screw up semicolons all the time. That must make me the biggest fuckin retard on earth :)

    Seriously, Rob, there's nothing wrong with debugging your new additions to the application :) Give yourself some credit for kicking ass.

  • Sometime in May? Let's make the whole month of May CT's birthday and declare the month as a holiday. What can 75,000 people do in one month besides the slashdot effect? Party!
  • I'd like to have the ability to see the comments in date order, oldest first.

    I select "Flat" and "Oldest First", but it STILL insists on sorting by thread first, which makes it really annoying to come back and try to find the new comments.
  • (yes) do that. I wanna use it. I wanna improve it. come on, Rob. cvs is your friend.
  • Some time in May, but our God o' Slashdot has in the past refused to devulge that info... *smirk* he doesn't want all the stupid cards, perhaps...? Methinks the Slashdot should therefore innundate Rob with birthday messages /all month/. Gotta make him feel loved, right? *grin*


  • Release it now under GPL and we can fix the bits that are broken. We can replace the bits that are hard-coded. Am I right in thinking it is tied strongly to mysql, a non-free database, or could it be used with another database? A free one?
  • I actually got a reply from hemos :-)

    I offered him the same thing as Rob, my Windows 98 cd... heh..


    I'm reading all of these things. My wrist hurts. You should have bet
    with yourself...

    > Happy birthday.. betchya 10:1 you never see this :)
    > heh

    Stan "Myconid" Brinkerhoff
  • Seriously, Rob, there's nothing wrong with debugging your new additions to the application :) Give yourself some credit for kicking ass.

    He could just call it a feature :-)

    But seriously, nice job Rob.
    Stan "Myconid" Brinkerhoff
  • by riddley ( 6000 ) on Sunday March 28, 1999 @01:56PM (#1959210) Homepage
    Open Source remember?
    Release the code Rob!
  • As a simple first step, how about letting us enter the URL of a stylesheet to use? Then people can put their /. theme on their web page and let anyone use it. The pages might need a bit of tweaking, but most of my pages use simple stylesheets now.
  • Been there, done that. I think the point is, although Rob has made code drops there, we don't have Open Source style bleeding-edge access to what his burrito-inspired gastro-intestinal coding yielded Sunday night. :) (I've had some mean Mexican algorithms myself.)

    Let the rest of us geeks help! :) Though, I think Rob would need to appoint a "patch gatekeeper" since it's close to inhuman to 1) Write the backend of a site, 2) Run the side, and 3) Corral the contributions of 1000 cooks to the pot.

    Don't see it happening swiftly.
  • well, a change was made a while back so that the lowest score possible was a -1. sometime before this i set my lowest comment thingy to be -10... after today's changes, i found this had set itself to 0. censorship conspiracy? prolly not... but kinda annoying since i almost missed the "me first" post on this thread...

    also, i saw a post earlier today with a score of -4

    a feature i'd like to see on /. btw would be configurable colors for bg, text, links and the (currently) green bars... i'm a big fan of black backgrounds... much easier on my poor eyes...
  • I think if he doesn't tell us, we'll be forced to pick a random day and inundate him with well-wishings. Yeah, that sounds about right.
  • Likely most everyone who would be sending birthday wishes to CT will be waiting in line for Star Wars...hey, maybe May 19th is the man's b-day!
  • Weird. If i just hop to, i get the "generic" page. Hit refresh, and i get my customized version (with the weather in Hell). Strange behaviour, anything i or you can do 'bout it?

    Please don't shoot me for using IE5...
  • So Rob. when are you going to make Slashdot

    I'm just dying to throw the Metal L&F on
    this puppy.

  • I think at this point we can rely on Hemos to tell us when CT's birthday is... just out of revenge. ;)


  • When's your birthday CT? *smiles innocently* O:)
  • hi rob!

    /. rocks but those mailings with "24 hours of slashdot-headlines" are kind of empty now.

    thank you!
  • Hi Rob

    I have discovered a minor glitch: When going through "preview" HTML character entities like <, &, etc get interpreted, and so the preview won't be the same as the submitted page.

    Is this the right place to raise this?

    o/w I like the new config options. "Light" is good (maybe "Lite"? 8-7), "Nested" is good, moderation+filters seem an adequate solution to a sticky problem.

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