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Jello iMacs 37

webslacker writes " First they looked like Jello, now these kids compete to make the most realistic iMac out of Jello. The weirdest thing is, this contest was school sponsored. " my school never did anything nearly that cool.
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Jello iMacs

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  • You and I know that its' what's under the hood that matters. Therefore we can ignore the case. Joe Sixpack doesn't know jack about G3s and bus speeds, but wants a nice case. Apple aimed it at him, so it gets a nice case (yes, I like it.) QED.

  • These would be the "PowerPuff iMacs", I guess.

    I'd rather see some PowerRangers dropped from the 7th floor made of correctly coloured jello... With all Power Rangers fans standing in the landing zone.

    Regards, Jochen

  • The only problem with the high Jello to water ratio is that the taste lacks in such a rubberish mass. Normal Jello dissolves in your mouth quickly and all that yummy sugar is quickly liberated, making the subject happy. There has got to be a way to have a strong protein structure, yet have all the yummy sugar molecules released upon salivatating demand. There are many food thickeners and emulsifiers that might do the trick.
  • i'd like to get four imacs. a set of three (red, blue and green) which would be named Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup and another blue one which would be caulked and put in the bathroom.

    my g3 b&w is nene. that much i've got.

  • You're just pissed that all the Mac users get laid and you don't right?

    Seriously though, 'fun' and 'creativity' do not need to be Mac-user-only attributes (because they're not). What's wrong with that?

    I guess the main difference is, you think whatever you will of Mac users,but they probably don't even bother to think of you.

    - Darchmare
    - Axis Mutatis,
  • by Pondo ( 5965 )
    Get a sense of humor, man!

    Don't tell me the thought of an iMac, albeit
    one made of Jell-O, dropping seven stories
    doesn't make you warm and fuzzy.

    For the record, I think Macs are neat, as long
    as they're not running MacOS. I'm going to
    cluster seven iMacs and name them after the
    Seven Dwarves.

    And the primary box will be named Hank.

  • This sort of reminds me of my freshmen ME design class when we each had to design and build a device to safely catch a 2 lb water balloon dropped from a height of 60 ft. The winning prizes went to the succesful device with either the lightest weight or the shortest height.

    Well, somebody showed up with a pan of thinly layered jello and mashed potatoes. We all laughed and were shaking our heads until it worked. Everybody within 20 ft of the pan got sprayed with the jello and potatoes. It was great.

    I am quite sure that NASA has incorporated Jello into something by now.
  • Why, The Jello iMac Wiggles and Jiggles of course!

    (I can see it now. Jello® Gelatin, Now in fun iMac Colors!)

    God, Apple already has the FLAVORS down, it's only a matter of time before they come up with the food equivilant. RUN WHILE YOU CAN!

    -- Give him Head? Be a Beacon?

  • Let's just drop a handful of REAL iMacs out of windows. Damn, that would make me feel pretty good. heh

    -- Give him Head? Be a Beacon?

  • by Accipiter ( 8228 )
    And I bet you're in your room, happily tapping away on your lime-flavored iMac. The computer COMES IN COLORS! Colors named after FRUIT FLAVORS!! Does this sound like a serious computer to you?

    (Cut to: Elegantly furnished office. Dark wood finish on the walls, expensive leather chair, and on the marble-topped desk sits a Cherry iMac.)

    P.S.: I'd take a DELL over an iMac any day. And given the choice, I'd probably take the Compaq too.

    -- Give him Head? Be a Beacon?

  • Actually, according to the article, it sounds like Apple did put most of the money forward for this. The main trick in the event, sponsored by the school and Apple computers, was finding enough structural support to keep the sculpture together. I think it's rather cheesy of them, sort of like the giant iMac balloons they paid to have placed on top of many school buildings.
  • Hey!

    I resemble that remark!



  • It was also fun to watch when they dropped one from the third floor balcony of Lobby 7... and it held its iMac shape :-)

    If I had had time, I would have built one with a LinuxPPC [] screen.

  • I must have missed this one, but I would have guessed that it was Peeto's :-)

    - Ricky

  • I agree.



    - Ricky

  • lets have a /. compition to see who can make a GNU/Linux distro out off jelly/jello!
  • As a proud iMac owner (among many other Macintoshes), I have to snicker. What's the matter? Jealous because my computer is sexier and faster than anything you own? And that you were uncreative enough to have to recycle the ends of your sentences? Or is it because we know how combine levity with computing?

    Just because you have a computer is no reason to avoid developing the social skills and sense of wonder so necessary to enjoy the world. Or would you rather sit home and pornsurf?

    Do yourself some good; get out of the house every once in a while.
  • This is the kind of mindless crap we expect out of Mac users. Thanks for just re-confirming what I already thought of Mac users.
  • I actually had a chance to see this in person. Nothing really impressive. Most of the entries were massive albeit formless blobs of Jell-O that didn't resemble any piece of computer equipment (nor an iMac for that matter *grin*). The only one that came close was frozen, or at least it had some major anti-jiggle countermeasures. Oh, and it had a real keyboard and mouse too :-P

    I didn't hang around to see the winner. By the way, what the article and the header forgot to mention was that the grand prize to all this craziness was a brand-new iMac. Not that MIT students make things out of Jell-O just for the heck of it, ya know }:-)
  • The contest judged not only which iMac was the most realistic, but which Jello iMac could best survive a drop from a second story window. I'd hate to be the one to clean up after that contest ;)
  • Why not just rip the insides out of an iMac you don't need (any iMac really) and fill it up with Jello, freeze, and serve with a side of fruit (apples anyone?)
  • made of skin, bones, heads, spines etc. (The stuff that doesn't show up in your supermarket meat counter). It is grinded and then boiled at a high temperature to supposedly kill the bacterias that might make you ill.

    By the way, software janitor, take a look at the M&Ms poll comments again, if you will.


    we didn't win.
  • a mechanical engineering project at MIT is often machining Legos from Smarties-like sugar candy. you CAN eat Legos....
  • first of all, who's to say that everyone who particpated in this contest even was a mac user. Maybe some people did it because it sounded FUN. You should lighten up a bit. Haven't you ever done anything stupid just for the fun of it? or are you always just a slug?
  • Finally, I think we've found a real use for an iMac. Now where's the whipped cream...
  • This goes to prove that JELL-O is the greatest, and tastiest sculpting tool of all time!

    Except for LEGO, but you cant eat lego when you are done. I guess you could... but I wouldn't recommend it!

    iMac's are cool! I am getting one this summer (or sooner).
  • Yeah, well, the entire population of MIT is
    completely whacked. This just proves it.

"There is no distinctly American criminal class except Congress." -- Mark Twain