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Pizza Vending Machines 86

ldspartan writes "A small company called TelePizza has created a Pizza Vending Machine. Now all we need is one on every street corner. " I believe anything that achieves "Vending Machine" status is essential. We've got candy, cigarettes, mountain dew, even fruit and sandwiches. Pizza rounds it out nicely, but how long before whiskey joins the pack? I'd settle for a beer in a movie theater. I gotta move to amsterdam.
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Pizza Vending Machines

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  • > Rammstein?

    Which is, on a side note, great music while playing Carmageddon. Especially the first CD. Just like Korn.

    "Oh please God NOOOO.." SCREEEECH! *splutter* --

  • Well, I guess we can dream anyway... - A.P.

    "One World, One Web, One Program" - Microsoft Promotional Ad

  • Not near Northeastern anyway... I don't think I've *ever* seen one, to be honest.

    - A.P.

    "One World, One Web, One Program" - Microsoft Promotional Ad

  • You all seem to be missing the main point of this. What operating system is this machine running on?
  • Posted by Arcana:

    You can get beer and pizza at the Bagdad Theater in Portland, Oregon. It's one of my favorite places to go and they only charge a buck for as long as you stay. They charge an extra buck for bogart films.
  • Well, here in NH we have a couple of theaters close by that serve beer. They're called Chunky's, one is in Haverhill, MA and the other is in Pelham, NH.

    In Indianapolis (I grew up in IN) there's a place called Hollywood Bar and Filmworks located downtown that serves beer and hard liqour. I haven't lived in Indianapolis for a while though, so I don't know if it's still open.

  • Perhaps that's why he can't get them to deliver.
  • The Kentucky theatre here in Lexington serves beer( I think from the tap too! ). Does that mean that Lex. is sorta like Amsterdam? ;) Yuh...I wish.
  • We were just over in Amsterdam last weekend, and I just had to try one of those places out. I ended up with something totally bizarre - like a lump of thick chicken and mushroom soup, wrapped in breadcrumbs and deep-fried. Absolutely gorgeous and only 1G (33p) - so good I had to back for another one!

    Does this make me weird?
  • I thought it was pretty nifty at the time. Put in your money, a hatch opens, and a 7-inch diameter pizza slides out into the microwave, the hatch closes and 2 minutes later, presto! You have some really awful tasting pizza. Still I ate a few more, just for the sheer thrill of using this contraption! :)
  • In Portland (Oregon), the McMenamins [] beer empire has 4 theaters serving beer and food to the over 21 crowd. Most of the movies are only $1 and they conveniently post their schedules [] on the web.

  • At least in the Narita hotels, they had whiskey in the vending machines. A nice, clean, brightly-colored "Asahi" one was on my floor.

    Actually, the Japanese put many interesting items in vending machines. I'm surprised there isn't a website on them. Actually, maybe there are several already. Sometimes the Web is a frightening place...


  • I didn't want to make it too tough for poor ol' Louis Freeh. Apparently real crypto wilts his woody.


  • Don't be so sure about that.
    Burger King delivered at one point in West Roxbury (Techincally part of Boston)
    I never actually had it delivered, but i remember reading an AD about it. Not too much exposure though.. I'm guessing that's why they stopped. Not much demand
  • John Ascuaga's Nugget [] in Sparks, Nevada, has a french fry vending machine in their game arcade. Made pretty good fries, too.
  • This is not the first pizza vending machine developed. I recall one that was featured on a science/technology show in the late eighties or early ninties. All the ingredients were sliced or, in the case of the cheese, grated onto the base then it was blasted in one of those superduper (for the time) infrared cooking gadgets. Never went anywhere tho. Not a large enough critical mass of puter geeks and Net geeks yet
  • just come to amsterdam. i have a room left.
  • by morbid ( 4258 )
    All very well, but will it do a cheese-free pizza for those of us who are allergic?
  • A long time ago I read a science fiction story about vending robots that would look for moving objects and hawk their wares to them. A nuclear war occurs and they are the only moving objects left, so they just wander around trying to hawk their wares to each other.
  • When I was staying in Belgium I had a room above a fresh bread vending maching []. Judging by the number of late night visitors, it was quite popular.

    It actually was not too bad, as it backed up to a bakery, so the bread was at most a day old.

  • Now I can eat a meal on the way to my next class... Mt. Dew, a pizza, some skittles, and ya got a nice meal
    Stan "Myconid" Brinkerhoff
  • You can get beer in movie theaters in Nevada (Las Vegas, Laughlin)...
  • Please tell me that they have these all over the country. Here in Portland we must have 5 or 6 places where for a dollar you can see last months movies in vintage theaters.

    • No laser pointing 13 year olds.
    • They deliver pizza to your seat.
    • They don't seem to care if you stay for the next viewing.
    • And the pitchers of beer (Micros of course) are only $7-8.
    I reached Nirvana in this town after I turned 21... it would be a shame to hear that such wonderful establishments aren't all over the country.

  • sounds an awful lot like those FEBO places they have all around the netherlands. they're basically vending machine restaurants where you can plunk your guilders into the machine and select from cheeseburgers, pizza, and other not-very-appetizing-looking food items. haven't yet been desperately hungry enough to go there yet. the loempia stand on the other side of the markt, OTOH.....mmmmm......loempias......

  • You want suds with your celluloid?

    Well, when you are here in good ole Raleigh, NC for Linux Expo '99 [] and you are looking to have a beer and see a movie you can try the following theaters:

    They have a good selection of beers but I wouldn't count on them being able to be showing Star Wars "The Ticketbox Menace". So, what you might want to do is just check out these places if you are looking for the essential beer/movie combo. Also, these are located very close to some very nice bars as well. The main attraction to these places is that you don't get the commercialized movie circuit running through it every week. There is also the Carolina Theater... that's where I saw Pi when it was playing.

    Save me a nut brown ale....


  • Yes! I have yet to go to RHPS though. By that account if I did go I would be a RH "virgin". I have been here in the area since 1990. Still, every Fri nite the parade of regulars arrive decked out in their best RH motif and garb. I agree. The Rialto is a swank place indeed. The stage up front would acutally make for a pretty good speaking area if anyone wanted to talk to the management there about doing a Linux talk of some kind.
  • Actually... heh... this is so indicting... there are also live bait vending machines here in Raleigh. So, you can hit all the geeks stops in RTP then go out really far on Creedmoor in Raleigh and stop at a convenience store and get live bait.

    North Carolina has linux and live bait - two great tastes that go great together.

  • I wish I had beer for Wing Commander. No... strong liquor... wait... no... strong narcotics. ;)
  • When I was stationed in Germany, there was Budweiser in the vending machines, but of course, it was $1.75/can.
  • Put a few of these in colleges, I'm sure it would take off. Grab a handful of change, and get Pizza, soda, and chips all in one shot. That'll make late night computer sessions that much easier.

    -- Give him Head? Be a Beacon?

  • ...I've seen vending machines that dispense live bait.

    Press 1 for earthworms. Press 2 for minnows. Press 3 for stinkbait.


  • Actually I've seen whisky vending machines on the streets in Tokyo. Don't think this would work in England somehow with our underage drinking culture, but maybe the Japanese kids are better behaved?

    The Japanese also have machines that sell hot coffee in cans, which double as handwarmers in the winter...
  • And what's more, in Amsterdam there are the dreaded "Automatiek", kinda fast food from hole in wall joints, where you can get a burger, sandwich, and various deep-fried meatie and veggie things - all without human contact ! Oh, and beer of course...
  • by Ryn ( 9728 )
    Hmm, how can they cook a pizza in 1.5 minutes (with defrosting it first) and call it modest?
    I'd not even want to touch that thing.
  • There were beer vending machines in the barracks at Fort Gordon, Georgia when I was attending the U.S. Army Signal School mumble years ago. That was before the U.S. military became thoroughly anal-retentive about recreational chemistry. They were regular soda machines, just filled with beer instead of soda.
  • Alright, so now we can get pizza from a vending machine. I don't know about the rest of the /. community, but I already eat too much pizza as it is, and I still have to wait about half an hour, whether I'm cooking a frozen one, or ordering from Pizza Slut or Gumby's.
    Isn't this just yet another extension of our instant gratification culture? "I want it NOW, especially if it's bad for me." And I just have to believe that any pizza you get from a vending machine is going to be bad for you. Cook in 1.5 minutes after waiting how long for someone to come along and free the pizza from the thing?
    I will admit the idea is cool, however.
    When I can get a chicken parmigian and a nice glass of wine from a vending machine, then I'll be happy.
  • As long as none of the toppings are gay it shouldn't be a problem...
  • Pizza vending machines, computers, Linux.. my worlds falling apart
  • If you read the article, you'll notice telepizza is out of Madrid. When I was in Madrid last June I ordered a pizza from TelePizza (the one somewhere between Principe Pio station and the Palacio Real). All the pizzadeliverers ride on little motorscooters. It's much more efficient than driving a big beast like a Renault or Ford Escort (Both real popular there.) The scooters can drive between lanes of traffic, and they always make it right to the front at every stop light. You can get pizza (Including Pizza Hut), Chinese Food, and just a regular lunch delivered by una moto. It's not as fast as the two minutes at the vending machine, but it is a lot faster.
  • Can't agree with you more. I remember one night trying to figure out a way to purchase a Pizza with a credit card (failed underfortunately). Fortunately, things are getting better. A local company has started up deliver from many cool restaurants in the area. Plus there's a great cheap Chinese place right down the street from me that delivers AND takes a cc over the phone. Life is good...
    And, btw, this really cracked me up when I first saw it... []
  • Heh, I should have thought of that... Makes sense of course, KFC, PizzaHut and Taco Bell are all under the same company. But why no :~( would be great for LAN parties, heh...
  • When I was in Prague [and other parts of the Czech Republic], you could buy all sorts of beer from vending machines. Good beer too :) (much better than the crap we have back in the U.S.)

    You could also buy Whiskey and Coke in a can, premixed, among other things. I was amazed when I saw it... black can with the black Jack Daniels label on it, with JD and Coke inside :)
  • Really, now. The technology is interesting, but the user interface?!"Fancy a pizza?

    Gad Zooks, that's almost SPAM!

    I can see it now, some 30 years from now, where everything has been converted into Vending Machine form (what with the VMAPI coming out). Trying to get from one side of the street to other brings inundations of:
    Fancy a side of Beef?
    Fresh Marlboros! First one's free!!
    Lie on my Vendo-couch and tell me about your mother

    Oh well, hopefully I'll have an anti-grav motorcycle and the ultra-high speed will Doppler these queries outside human threshold.


  • by mTor ( 18585 )
    How about other Italian foods like Lasagna? mmmm :)
  • My town better be getting one of these soon!
    Now all they need is a Corona machine and life would be real good. Of course I dunno if I'd trust a pizza from one of these things after its had a few years to start rusting and having electrical/mechanical problems.
  • Yeah... and it's usually only a few books for a flick and a brewski. Not too shabby imho.
  • by Willy K. ( 19859 ) <> on Sunday March 28, 1999 @12:56PM (#1959562)
    May it's because I just ate lunch, but I find this story to have a slightly nauseating effect somewhere just below me sternum. I'm not sure vending machines are the right direction to head for true food accessibility. It seems like the fast food delivery industry could use an overhaul first. For starters, more online ordering would be ideal, no? And secondly, Chinese/Pizza/Italian/Indian/Subs are OK, but wouldn't it be nice for once to see a McDonald's/BK/Wendys that delivered? Maybe they do, but not in Boston. :(

    Also, more delivery places (especially the online ones) need to take credit cards. They are relatively easy to get approved these days, and many don't even take a cut from the restaurant anymore. It would make the delivery process much more satisfying. Phonecall=food. Money is so prohibitive.

    I don't generally need food in less than 2 minutes (although $1.80 sounds like a deal, even for a plain cheese), but I do kinda like to know that my food hasn't been in a machine on a street corner for 3 1/2 weeks, you know? Ugghh...

    I certainly won't stop them, but let's see some 21st century delivery options become more prevalent, eh?
  • You could hook'em up to a network and have them working on a [] project when they're not busy cooking pizza.
  • CNN has an article [] about the Pizza Vending Machine. Complete with Pictures!


  • At the company I work for (Citrix), we have a machine that dispenses pizza, hot ham & cheese sandwiches, french fries, grilled chicken sandwiches, or chicken nuggets..

    They aren't half bad, either.. though the portions are a bit small. All of them are prepared in about 2 mins.
  • There is a chain called Cinema Grill that does serve beer at the movies. (And whole meals as well.) We have one here in town, that is bit pricey but good.

  • The Amtrack station here in Sacramento has one of those fry machines too. I haven't tried em yet, but maybe the next time I head down to Berkeley I'll check it out. I suspect that there are probably Amtrack stations elsewhere with one of these machines.
  • The Vic Theatre (Sheffield and Belmont) has a "Brew and View" when they aren't having concerts. They show a lot of cult classic and B movies, and have club seating and servers. []
  • ID=508 Tooheys and their parent company Lion Nathan have been doing that for a while ( a couple of years ) down here in australia..... perhaps we aussies aren't that far behind the times.....?????
  • Somebody just try to tell me the McMenamins aren't bona fide geniuses. In Portland, not only do they have several theater pubs at which one can not only have a tasty brew, but a full meal while watching a flick, but they also have tons of really cool bars all over the town.

    The best part? Every one of their pubs is unique! Different decor, menus, everything! But they're all excellent. Anyone going to Portland needs to check these places out. It's a must.

  • The Japanese are a vending machine culture.

    From tales to friends on my college's Japan exchange program, you can get hookers from vending machines. Its a pre-paid calling card. You simply dial the number on the calling card, make a date, and you're set.

    Same idea as any American college aged woman setting up a cam in their dorm room for a bit of extra spending money. Just taken to the logial next level.

    I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to form their own judgement on this.

    Or dismiss it as an urban legend.

    --Dr. Fardook
  • I live in vegas. The only theaters that have alcohal anywhere near them are the ones in the larger casinos-Gold Coast, Boulder Station, Texas, ect. And even then you have to leave your drinks outside when you go in the theater or
    security will throw you out.(cheating bastards)
    Same same thing for the arcades :(

  • The only Wendy's in Boston, I believe, is the one in Downtown Crossing that scares me beyond belief every time I visit. Closest one I can find to any North Shore suburbs is in Tewksbury; I wouldn't even know where to look in the south (Quincy/Braintree MUST have one nearby.) It's a damn shame there aren't any closer to Metro Boston. Those spicy chicken sandwiches are damn good.

    Chicken sandwiches in a vending machine? Heck, why not?
  • in Austin, Texas there is a movie theatre that
    you can get a complete meal and a wide variety of
    alcohol at. they have a decent import section too.
    (and the food is good)

    they also have cool theme night type events. (like
    an akira kurosawa film festival)

    an excellent place to see a movie.
  • Yeah, there is really *nothing* better than a pint of Celis, good pizza and a movie.

    If you live in Austin, TX the you have to check out:

  • Try the Prince Charles Cinema just off Leicster Square in London.

    They serve beer, and not just in a paper cup, I'm talking about a glass bottle of beer - and they show movies REAL cheap, ok so the movies are about 1 month out of date, but for 1/3 of the price of the Odeon round the corner.....And they showed the UK (World) premier of Razorblade Smile - hmmmmm vampire chicks with swords in rubber
  • Praise the Lord and hold the anchovies! Wait a second... aren't mushrooms just a little bit GAY?
  • Yeah, the kids are better behaved. They wouldn't try to buy it for fear of being caught (doesn't that say something about how we should educate our kids?)
  • Software comes in vending machines in Japan. :D So, I think, do CD's; I understand there's an option that allows you to choose the tracks you want to hear by the artists you like, and the machine will burn a CD with only those tracks.

    Doesn't that tell the music industry over here *something*?

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