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Bunny wins the Oscar 22

Mark Pitman writes "The animated short Bunny that was featured on Slashdot a few weeks back, won an Academy Award for Best Animated Short. Cool. " If you haven't seen the short, you really are missing out.
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Bunny wins the Oscar

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  • I think the fact that it won the oscar has to do more with it than the appearance of it on slashdot. Look what happens to the movie theaters the week after a film wins and it is still playing.
  • Posted by dwarin:

    Did anyone succesfully view the Bunny mpeg clip that can be downloaded from the Bunny site?

    I downloaded it and tried to view it with xanim, and all xanim does is print an endless stream of

    MPG_UNK CODE: e0
    MPG_UNK CODE: e0
    MPG_UNK CODE: e0
    MPG_UNK CODE: e0
    MPG_UNK CODE: e0
    MPG_UNK CODE: e0

    If you did view it, what did you use? Thanks in advance.

    - Adam
  • I can't explain it. Yes, the graphics are insanely nice, the lighting is perfect, the cinematography is wonderful, the effects are impressive...

    Naw. There's something else Bunny has. Just when you least expect it, Bunny...I dunno. I can't put it into words and I wouldn't want to--there's something that's truly magical about this film, and I'm glad it won the highest honor in its industry.

    If there's one video you hunt down, make sure you watch Bunny. You won't regret it, and you won't forget it either.

    Yours Truly,

    Dan Kaminsky
    DoxPara Research

    Once you pull the pin, Mr. Grenade is no longer your friend.
  • I believe it's available on a number of collections. The name of the short is "Luxo Jr". I have it on a collection of Pixar shorts including "Tin Toy" & "Red's Dream". I've also seen it on a couple animation "best of" collections.

  • Man, only three comments here? Site's totally been slashdotted.
  • Oy--ignorance. Their first & second shorts were, I think, "Tricycle dreams" (don't quote me on that one) and "Luxo Jr.". The best short last year was Pixar's "Jerry's Game". The first two are available on one tape, the third on a separate tape; all cost about $20 and are available from
  • How about access to the short with the old guy playing chess "alone" in the park?

    Was at the start of one of the animated insect movies recently.
  • Just watched the webcast. I for one am glad that it one the award.

    Not only did I enjoy it from the artistic side, you really won't believe how well the rendering is done. I'll be checking out the tools for use myself.
  • Make that "won" the award.

    Durn English phonetics. I learned Japanese about 20 years ago and my spelling has been haphazard ever since.
  • The music.


    After watching it once, I was humming that damn haunting song all day...
    - Sean
  • That's called "Jerri's game" (or something like that), isn't it?
  • does anyone remember an old animated movie about a snowman in a snowglobe?? I saw this YEARS ago and thought it was great!

    Damn it, but they should release these things openly onto the internet after a while.
  • So...has anybody captured the webcast and made a file of the entire movie available?
  • Anyone know where I could get em or a search engine I could try? Would greatly appreciate it.
    Thanks peoples.

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