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It's funny.  Laugh.

Innovative IBM Modem Usage 33

Yura Lesiuk writes " The Onion always was a good source on finest news. But when they doing it in Technology, it is even close to the hearts of the slashdot readers. This time they show you that innovation matters when the goal is to sell something. " Yeah its older, but its funny.
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Innovative IBM Modem Usage

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  • I saw this a looong time ago....

    And it's not as funny as the "$5,000 dollar computer plays downloaded video real time over the net" article :-)


  • I first saw this in the paper version of the Onion a year ago when I used to pick up a copy religiously every week on State St in Madison. This is not new stuff.

    This isn't a site of "olds for nerds", it's "news for nerds", as in "new".

    Otherwise, I agree, it was funny when it first came out.

  • There is a need to restrict things to just new stuff because there is a huge load of cool old stuff - too much to cover.
  • I get the free paper version in Madison, WI.

    It has "savage love" in it. (Not exactly my favorite part. I never bother reading it, but the column is there every issue.)

    Perhaps the paper distribution is different in every city?

    I've heard rumors that some network TV execs were in Madison recently courting the Onion writers to see if they'd be interested in writing for a fake-news TV series. Can anyone confirm this?

  • I read this article years ago, but I never noticed this until just now. That's not an IBM modem at all; it's a Hayes Accura, and it looks just like the one sitting here on my floor.

    Check out The Onion's news archives for technology. It's a good few hours worth of constant laughing.
  • >This isn't a site of "olds for nerds", it's "news for nerds", as in "new".

    This is Rob Maldas site, as in "his", not "yours", when it becomes "yours" or you start paying for it, then you have a right to "bitch".

    Opinions are one thing, but you are bitching.
  • I noticed that The Onion is now available in spotty distribution around the country. Do they charge for it in some places? Or is it free everywhere?
  • That modem looks like a Sinclair ZX80
  • Hours later, Ndeti capped off his delicious gazelle dinner by smoking the computer's 200-page owner's manual.

    When I got to that part I hit the floor. I read this years ago, but re-reading it was as funny as ever. My (technology) favorites are still the one about Bill Gates raising his charisma and wisdom to "above 18" and the one about Bill Gates "taking his half".

  • Rob, maybe an option could be added to the message upload filter to turn url's into links? Since netscrape's highlighting is so wretchedly, offensively, egregiously, and (other adjectives) BAD (it's the sole reason why I run IE at home), it's often not worth the bother of even doing the highlight. Sounds lazy, but consider that when the highlight spills over to the rest of the text (as it often does), it sometimes nearly kills netscape. It's that bad.
  • Me too! My ZX-81 was my 1st "home" computer. I loaned it to one of our programmers to take on his honeymoon cruise "just in case you get bored and want to get some work done." Nice guy that he is, it cam back. It's back in the basement with the other ZX-81s, TS1000's, TS16000, rampack, printer, magazines,... Wonder what I could sell this lot for on eBay?
  • Cute that the article didn't even have him buying a PC from IBM... sounds like some old souped up RT or somehting.
  • My first maching was a TRS-80 model I, but I got a ZX-81 soon after, without a power supply, and ran it off of 9V batteries... Fun stuff.
  • This puzzled me for a while too, but I think I have it figured out. The Onion does offer a paper subscription version, an online version, and a free print version, all of which are different. The free paper version has a lot of stuff missing(most notably Savage Love), and the online version usually just carries highlights from the paper subscription version.
    The free print version you can find lying around fashionable places in big cities, I guess - I know I've seen them around Chicago.

    Wish the full paper version weren't so expensive, though...
  • look carefully at the keyboard (behind the modem in the picture) and you can see the power key n the corner. So really, African tribesmen must prefer Mac keyboards for roasting gazelles. :^)

  • Hey! I had a Sinclair ZX80! and a ZX81! With a 16K memory expansion module! And a printer! and a TS1000! They are sitti gin my garage right now.

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  • If you haven't read this, you are missing out. I know, it's ages old, but it is on of their all time greats. www.theonion.com/onion3311/microsoftpatents.html
  • Hasn't this reached urban myth status yet?
  • The article was funny but I just want to clarify a
    small detail.

    M'wana Ndeti is described as being a member of the
    bantu tribe. Actually no such tribe exists. Just about all of the people of eastern, central and southern africa are classified as "bantu" which is sort of a broad category like "Northern European" or "East Asian". I am a bantu myself from across the border in Tanzania. Other than that it was a truly hilarious article.
  • Anyone seen The Gods Must Be Crazy? [imdb.com] This kinda reminds me of that movie.
  • how do they come up with this stuff?
  • Perhaps they were inspired by the early Mac Powerbooks.
  • Not so sure about the 'Dirtiest XXX Porn site' banner up the top though!!

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