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OpenGL on Newton 33

tomaasz@iol.cz writes "there is now full opengl on the newton PDA! cool. will q3a work on that thing? no? so what is it good for? aaah, I see, screensavers... read all about it on opengl.org"
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OpenGL on Newton

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  • >> Rather than porting ANY Open Source OS to a company that is ANTI Open Source or to a dead
    >>platform, why not support the projects to port to LIVE hardware?

    Well, there are lots of ports of great software to "dead" platforms, thats what keeps em alive... and no one ports anything to "a company that is ANTI Open Source...", just to its products, which provides value ONLY to the user, not the company (in this case Apple/Newton Inc.).

    Why not just support any such ambitious projects? I have owned several Newtons, still carry my favorite of the bunch, a clear-case 110, an ancient beast yet it still provides me pleasurable use daily, and aside from the lack of backlighting and a little more heft (which is actually good, it feels solid when Im drawing on it), is WAY better than the Palm III I also carry. The Palm III is great for its compact size, but Ive never gotten used to its Graffiti and it always suprised me that their designs are so clunky (squared edges, awkard and everchanging serial port interface) and the stylus' so flimsy.

    Hey, ever seen a web server running on a newton? nhttp i think its called... all those articles a while back about mini web servers gave me a good chuckle as id seen tiny devices (WITH LCD and powersupply) server pages long before :)

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  • Anti-OSS? Not so much as you might think...

    Consider this: Apple makes MkLinux, an Open-Source variant of Linux based on the Mach microkernel, which is also Open-Source. I also ask you to notice that the last developer seeds of OSX Server included the source for the entire command-line layer; it included source from all three of the Open-SOurce BSD variants and was quite up-to-date.

    Does Apple make proprietary products? Yes; I don't know of a software company which makes products for anything other than Linux that doesn't. Are they anti-OSS? No. What are they, then? I don't think there's a term. Perhaps "proprietary but OSS-friendly" fits?
  • This one actually happened, however, which makes it even funnier.

    Some college professor had just bought himself a Newton and was proudly showing it off to his class. He was demonstrating the handwriting recognition, and he went into the "How do I..." box to fill in the box with something ("translate," I think it was).

    The Newton's translation: "bite me."

    Honsetly, I do think that it's better than having to learn a new style of writing; however good that might be it still isn't intuitive, and therefore can never be "good enough." I do hope someday the Pilots will get real handwriting recognition, therefore; they're great machines (frankly I want one myself) but the machine should be made to accomodate the person, not the reverse.
  • Anyone else get the feeling this 'story' isn't true?

  • Well, the Newton is dead, and the Newton doesn't
    have color display.
    What is the OpenGL for?

    I think it has no meaning.
  • Excerpt from the source of the web page:

    OpenGL is a registered trademark of Silcon Graphics Incorporated.
    To get more information about OpenGL, visit thier website at www.OpenGL.org [opengl.org]

    Thier website is not on yer server :)

    I hope this is just a misspelled error :)

    On the other hand it's not very nice to create a page, and immediately advertise it on slashdot.. Maybe you should wait someone else to recognize your creation and request that it's published here :)

    Flame ON ;)
  • Look at the link.. :) look at where it's pointing..
    Visit the webpage, and tri to click on the very same link at the very bottom.. :)

    If using Lynx - then sorry...


  • OpenGL is a registered trademark of Silcon Graphics Incorporated.
    To get more information about OpenGL, visit thier website at www.OpenGL.org [opengl.org]

  • hmmm...

    Interesting.. I guess it's running on the 2000 line of newtons, I'll be very suprised if it also runs on the "lesser" newts and the emate, but you never know...

    though I guess this is not going to be the next big trend in PDA software.. (especialy since newton was "steved") it is cool, kudos to the coder.

  • Could this be considered for a spot on the "Top Ten signs of Apocoplyse" list?
  • What the h--- is a Beowulf cluster? It's just that is the second time I've heard this and it sounds cool. Sorry about posting it about the Newton... Just thought ignorance should follow suit. And if a spade doesn't look like a club, feel free to hit me with one of them.

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