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LinuxWorld Pre-Press: VA & SGI? 13

Matt wrote to us, talking about this story. This is some interesting, summary coverage of major announcements expected to be made at LinuxWorldExpo-we've seen a fair amount of these before, but this article also hints at a VA Research and SGI relationship in the making-as well as talking about how Sun has decided to change its' new conference to one-on-one talks. It also mentions that Microsoft won't be attending-I guess Rob and I won't be going then *g*.
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LinuxWorld Pre-Press: VA & SGI?

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  • Posted by AnnoyingMouseCoward:

    Still, pretty interesting all up. The DOJ versus M$ case will resume in April. Depending on what happens at the Linux expo with the big guns jumping on board, it's hard to say if the court case will have all that much relevence...

    I know it's really 1999, but for some reason, it feels like 1986. Back then everyone was telling me " ones ever been fired for buying IBM.." and "...UNIX is an academic toy that will never be a mainstream operating system...".

    Is it just me, or does anyone else have a strong sense of "Deja Vu"? Guess we will have to wait a few weeks. Me, I'm expecting a few bomb shells to of...
  • They mention a new version of GNOME. Does anybody (perhaps the GNOME developers) know if 1.0 will be released on Wednesday?

  • I'm sure they will be there. There were three of them at the ALS in October. I bet there is now an increased interest. Maybe they will just send some consultants, but this time without the company tshirts [].

  • Is there a name for that object? Maybe it's because I just woke up, but I've been staring at it in fascination for a couple of minutes. It's not nearly as paradoxical as a klein bottle, but it's still neat.

    I'm struck with the sudden urge to try and build one out of straws or something.

    *stumbles out for some coffee*
  • Holy shit I'm old. I'm only 30, but I started college in '86.

    And to answer your question, NO it wasn't this much fun the first time around. I was stuck with Atari ST's and IBM PC XT's. They were slow, and they crashed all the time. The memory model was segmented, and a lot of us poor fools were running ram disks out of an extra 64K bank of memory in our video cards.

    This time is MUCH better. You are truly lucky.
  • What's interesting is that IBM, the former Evil Empire, is now a big fan of open systems and a big Linux supporter. They're even saying, "Microsoft, watch out, we tried that and it didn't work". Very interesting times indeed.

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