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Daily Poop Humor 30

Wanderer writes "Get your daily dose of at animated poop humor . The cartoonist is a The Simpson's alumni, and some day's it's just plan odd, but everyday, it's new poop humor. " It's not as cool as Red Meat, but its still pretty crazy.
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Daily Poop Humor

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  • You can get free subdomain/domain redirecting services from here []. They also have awsome hosting...
    It seems alot of people are doing this..
  • WTF is the new "It's Funny" icon supposed to be? I see a bunch of yellow squiggles on a blue-black background. Someone has shrunk the bloody thing well past the limits of readability.
  • Try getting around it by substituting the IP address for the domain name part of the URL. You might also be able to go through a web relay- send it through Babelfish if you can read a foreign language. Or the Encheferizer or ValleyURL, if you can read a foreign language.

    As with most things of this nature, the pictures are the important part. :-)
  • The real problem with proxy servers is how they choke on some completely innocent pages with funky URL's. Ours chokes on lots of DejaNews links because they have "SEX" in the URL. Ruman numeral 30 ("XXX") can cause problems. But the worst are sites which used some sort of Universally Unique ID to do session tracking; they can produce odd combinations of characters that sometimes trigger the block.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    we all know userfreindly is good, but, sluggy freelance is better. Long live bun-bun!
  • Hehehe. :)
  • Gimme a break. Kids like poop. They poop. Some even ingest poop.
  • How could you put something like this here? Got any idea how many kiddos browse here? Not that they won't find this crap by themselves if they wanted to. Still, I don't think that kind of stuff was appropriate.
  • Eh, jokes about fecal matter still can be funny. In a world where most of us sit infront of a desk; while designing networks, programming .. Or running around a compound dealing with dip sh*ts and repairing computers. A little poop humor can be funny.

    Rob did good
  • don't allow you to go BACK! Too bad. This particular site looked to be FULL of interesting sh*t.

    Oh Well. :|
  • Dumb, stupid, crap!
  • In regards to your second question: did you look at the results of the last poll []? 62 / 22941 people are 10 and under. And 1536 people are 11-17. Bottom line, if 94% of the /. readership is old enough to view it, and it's (marginally) funny, then Rob has every right to post it. Besides, any parent who doesn't watch their young kids on the 'net is asking for trouble.
  • by NutZac ( 18515 )
    I must say this is quite a website. Too bad the animations are simple gif animations and not avi movies. I'd rather send those than Christmas cards, next year!
  • "This site has been blocked by XXXXXX. If this address has been blocked in error, please use this form to request that it be unblocked."

    So how do I get around this?

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