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Linux Counting Projects 12

We mention this occasionally, and its listed anywhere this sort of thing would be mentioned, but I figure now is as good a time as any to rerun a link to the Linux Counter. As you might have guessed, this site aims to count the total number of Linux installations on the planet. Go fill out the forms. It'll take a minute, but those numbers are essential to convincing the PHBs. Thanks to Mattias Sörlin for sending in the URL. (and yes I know, there are a dozen similiar efforts)
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Linux Counting Projects

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  • Heh.. can't connect.. I believe I'm registred there already though.
  • Interesting stats here:

    Slackware - 20790,
    Debian has 10987,
    Redhat, 10041

    Off I go to register a few of my boxes and raise the debian counts. :)

    1088 2.73% distribution:DIY
    9899 24.87% distribution:Debian
    414 1.04% distribution:Debian ==DEBIAN-VERSION==
    483 1.21% distribution:Other
    10041 25.23% distribution:Red Hat
    1979 4.97% distribution:S.u.S.E
    13790 34.65% distribution:Slackware
    2263 5.69% distribution:Others
  • the /. effect for today.

  • What exactly does "to hell and gone" mean, anyhow?
  • it seems the site just got overwhelmed
  • I registered many years ago.. I'm number 70 :-)
    (the counter can send you a nice Penguin gif with
    "Registered User # xx")
  • Thats give me an idea for another way to count Linux users...

    1. Survey Linux users if they have registered.
    2. Check the counter...
    3. Multiply: Surveyed_users / Surveyed_registered_users * Registered_users

    this is not really new,
    I have registered a month ago. (101810)
    given that I was 101810 I assume this service esited a long time before last month.

  • Take these with a grain of salt or two. Speaking for myself (2419), I found they had me owning two machines (353 and 899) that were really the same machine at different points in time (SLS 1.02, Slackware 1.1.1), and the box has subsequently been recycled within the company into a Windoze platform. But I registered my current home and work boxes, both running Debian, while attempting to retire the others.
  • Another counter, not for Linux, but for operating systems in general can be found here: [].

    According to this survey, 31% of all WWW/FTP/News Servers worldwide seem to run Linux - wow! 1191755 hosts were queried (for a comparison: Netcraft queried 4301512 sites, so the numbers are quite representative).

    Doing a little math, considering there are about n servers on the net, we get n*0.31 servers running Linux worldwide.

    Markus Senoner

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