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It's funny.  Laugh.

The Internet Death Cult of Fun 57

An anonymous loon sent us something called The Internet Death Cult of Fun. It's funny. Read it and laugh.
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The Internet Death Cult of Fun

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    or maybe start a petition to free hell`fuqr or something.
  • No, the forcing "good" values down people's throats is the fundamentalist Protestants' job. The Catholic Church used to do that, and would most likely love to again, but they seem to have lost some of their power. So it goes.
  • by Trepidity ( 597 )
    read the site a bit. You'll notice that it's satire. The incessant references to buddylists should've tipped you off.
  • It's satire. A joke. As in "Supposed to be funny." Laugh.
  • Posted by LOTHAR, of the Hill People:

    at that part of the website they mention/link slashdot.
  • Where's the point of it?
  • I gave up at page 10. Does the funny part come after that?
  • by morbid ( 4258 )
    So, the Free Church of Scotland has made it on to the internet!
  • Not funny at all, considering you took the
    picture off of my page at http://www.mrbill.net.

    Get a life, losers.
  • I enjoyed the site [monkeypaw.com], and I'm glad Cmdr Taco pointed it out.

    Sure, it might say a few things that sound like " ETERNAL SALVATION! (or triple your money back) [subgenius.com]" -- but that is clearly the Skor at work, entangling the world lines of one web within another.

    Or something like that.

    And if you didn't get it? Well then: who's in charge of fixing that?


  • Subject says it all.
  • I'm far from being a h4x0rzzz, but man, pages like that really make me want to do something bad to their owners.

    I mean... AOL Instant Messenger 'hacking'?? Yeesh. That's just immensely pathetic.
  • I didn't think that was funny at all. It was just stupid.
  • I can't beleive someone found that page. I forgot all about it.

    In reference to some questions,
    1) The site is on a Linux Box running Apache
    2) The HTML was written in a general text editor by hand. Any bad HTML is my own fault. It appears some of the things mentioned only show up on Netscape 4.x and higher.
    3) I don't notice any of the question marks on my machines (Red Hat 5.1 w/ Netscape 4.03 or Win95 with Netscape 3.0) What browser do these question marks show up in (and what OS?) I'm quite interested in this. I've never run into it.
    4) It was written sometime ago at 3am in the morning in about 1 hour. I posted it and forgot all about it. (Like most my stuff) I'm glad some liked it.
    5) And most important, I don't ever use the MS browser. I don't ever use and MS HTML editor. I don't ever use MS frontpage. I do use Win95 because I own a recording studio and the only apps I have for digital sound are made for Win95. I expect when BeOS has a few more high end apps for sound, I will make a change to that. But, until then. I'm a bit stuck. (Oh yeah, I use Linux and Win95 and 50%-50%) Oh my god, I have to make excuses for why I use Win95. Heh heh,. that's funny.

  • Gee, all my life I thought have been happy because I intelligently followed the collective teachings and thoughts of one of the world's leading theological institutions. Come to think of it, a lot of people I know have the same misconception. But, lo, an "Anonymous Coward" posted a very well constructed and intelligent flame contradicting this institution, such that my life will never be the same!

    I am not saying "you offended me, go away"

    I am saying, if you don't have anything INTELLIGENT to post, save us the pain of reading your ramblings. . .or at least pretend to offer support for your rhetoric
  • This is due to Microsoft putting their own twists
    on standards. The "Demoronizer" perl script referenced on freshmeat fixes this.

  • My God it's a bit like a bad snake oil salesman. These kind of satire/humor pages were funny the first 100 times I saw them, but the genre is starting to wear a bit thin.
  • but thank God they did not put in any subliminal messages!

    --Ivan, weenie NT4 user, Jon Katz hater: bite me!
  • Wow, how m4ny chinz did that h4ck3r h4v3?

    --Ivan, weenie NT4 user, Jon Katz hater: bite me!
  • Humor just escapes some escapes some people...

    --Ivan, weenie NT4 user, Jon Katz hater: bite me!
  • I am not joining any cult that advocates putting invalid HTML on my web page. I mean, would you be seen dead with this in your page:
    <a><font> ... </a></font>
  • There is a block of characters reserved for future use as extra control characters in iso8859. Since it wasn't used Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, assigned what they thought were useful characters (eg curly quotes. They also have a replacement for the standard back quote there). What is worse, all their HTML generation tools (eg export to HTML in word, frontpage, etc) use these characters as much as possible.

    On systems unlucky enough to be missing the MS enhanced fonts, these characters will not display correctly (replaced by question marks in netscape).
  • There's a whole system that goes with it. A system with points and weightings for different offences and such. You can figure out whether you're going to heaven with a few calculations. It's really quite silly.
  • The thing is,
    that the internet death cult of fun was suppose to be a joke.
    the cracker's site is suppose to be serious.
  • That was about as funny as a kick in the nuts.

    When is slashdot gonna post something about Bill Gates' email beta tracking program? I hear that everyone who participates gets a thousand dollars.
  • all those lies, all those suppressions, all those dogmatic attitudes, all those people how had to die due to the Exalted Only Church.
  • maybe HE is ignorant - but in one respect he is right: you can't cope with traumatic experiences by means of those ostentative self-exposures. believe me, i had to find that out for myself. talk to friends, or if you don't have any, talk to a psychologist (no psychiatrist). but talking to strangers WON'T help.

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