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Mr. T vs. Halflife 24

An anonymous reader sent us a link to a page described as Mr. T vs. HalfLife. It's just so strange that I have to post it. Plus I'm afraid that if I don't, that van will appear in front of my house.
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Mr. T vs. Halflife

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  • Check out

    ... I found this site a year ago and literally could not stop laughing for a 30 minutes straight.
  • I suppose for you NT-using, Katz-reading, Furby-buying, cigarette-smoking, superbowl-watching morons, it makes for some pretty good entertainment!

    Yeah, it doesn't appeal to the uptight, church-going, bible-thumping, humorless, prude, and anal retentive pointy haired bosses.

    Generalization is not a very admirable thing to do. So go back to your 1.5 ton truck, grab your banjo, play, and leave slashdot alone, ok?

    I don't take being called an NT user, or a superbowl watcher for that matter, very kindly :)

  • by mcb ( 5109 )
    Mr. T vs Halflife isn't nearly as funny as Mr. T vs Red Dwarf. dwarf.html
  • mr. T isn't dead! i'm sure i would know if that happened. i know he is in poor health, because of cancer, but sites like this only serve to honor and upload a great man like mr. T. i don't see how this is disrespectful in any way.
  • After this, the next time I'm working on some patently useless exercise in self-amusement, I will never, ever again feel like I just have too much time on my hands. I pity the fool who demands a practical use for my orthographic aesthetics engine!
  • see subject
  • This is Very tasteless considering Mr. T's recent untimely demise. He may have played some laughable characters on TV and in the movies, but couldn't you all have the decency to at least let his body rest for a month before lashing out with this juvenile humor? Have you no sympathy for his family? His loved ones?!? I've seen some crude stuff on Slashdot in the past but this takes the cake. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

  • It's really sad seeing people defending so adamantly a position that is so wrong.

  • I didn't know something happened to Mr. T but I thought it was a silly (but needed) distraction for me this morning.

    Sometimes silly humor like this is what I need when I'm working on a project.

    Who wants to be serious and have 100% grade A humor all the time?

    Here's a listing of almost every "Mr T versus" page that was ever made. Haven't checked to see if all the links are valid (this Mr T thing is helluva old!)

  • by seizer ( 16950 )
    I mean, random or what?
  • by apathy ( 18081 )
    Whats everyones deal with Katz? I am a slashdot newbie and the katz thing just doesnt add up, he seems pretty cool from his columns.
  • I'm sorry people, this is just sad!

God helps them that themselves. -- Benjamin Franklin, "Poor Richard's Almanac"