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"King of Spin" Breaks Record 38

An anonymous reader submitted a link to a CNN article where you can read about some wacko that broke the world record for spinning. He spins in a 5 meter circle for hours on end. He gets to be on CNN. It takes all types to make the world go round.
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"King of Spin" Breaks Record

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  • by Enry ( 630 )
    I got it.

    Where do I sign up for the international orchestra? I can kinda be in tune while singing in the car....
  • Hmm. You'd think the King of Spin would be someone in Microsoft's PR Department..
  • ... and go see a "spin doctor".
  • Everyone should watch "The War Room."

    Ex Machina "From the Machine" []
  • I got taught how to do spinning in a dance class once. My old dance teacher used to live in this weird comune full of dancers in Boulder in the 70's and they used to spin round for hours apparently.(Somehow I don't think this it that much of a record, if it is a record at all.

    The trick is to keep your eyes focussed on the horizon and come to a (very) slow halt rather than a sudden stop - that way you never get dizzy and can keep it up for as long as you want. You have to imagine a string comming out of the top of your head to keep yourself upright and kinda shuffle round on your feet.

    The best part of it, though, is that you completely zone out and lose all track of time. The first time I did it I thought I'd been spinnig for about 5 minutes when actually it was more like 50.

    I stil do it sometimes, Its a great buzz and you end up in a completely different place. Just do it somewhere soft (like on your lawn) in case you fall over.
  • Wait, here's an idea! Take the Mustang, bounce it off a few trees (and maybe a minivan) so it'll handle better, donate to an unsuspecting relative, and then grab a GM F-body, drop in a big block (and maybe some blowers to add some treble), get some 15" wide tires on the back, and spin until you puke.

    Ought to be be good for five or six world records, depending on how long the process takes.

  • I thought for a moment this was about the King of Spain [].


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  • Is this subject matter more relevant than JK's postings? Is StarTrek info? If not, where are the hundreds of heated "Not 'News for Nerds'" responses?

    At least be consistent with your prejudices, people!
  • by mackga ( 990 )
    Makes me want to blow chunks just thinking about it. retch!
  • How many revolutions per minute do you have to do to be considered "spinning"? I do one slow one every day for the last 20 years - does that count?
  • My last personal record is 6 hours straight with intervals under 15 minutes between spasms. I wouldn't want to repeat that experience though :)

    1 Litre of tequila plus some cogniac and vodka do that to a man.
  • Wheeeeee. This is news, surely. To someone.

    Okay. Maybe not.

  • Hey, Ive always been a great spinner, I would like to try to beat his record! Anybody know where I should start?
  • I didn't think anyone would, but it was worth a shot anyway. :) (I just saw Fruvous in concert on Jan 2, and again on Feb 6. Exceptional musicians, and funny as hell to boot.)

    - A.P.

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  • So where would a person with great talents such as this work?

  • Posted by The Mongolian Barbecue:

    Does he do this for a living? How do people like this live with themselves?
  • The Nitro :)
  • soon little kids everywhere will want to be this guy, and he'll wind up on a box of cereal in china.
  • I thought for a moment this was about the King of Spain [].


    "One World, One Web, One Program" - Microsoft Promotional Ad

  • oh if i was to break the world record, i'd REALLY not have a life.....but that is a really cute story.

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