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IBM to support Linux on PPC 16

Andrew Morton sent us a link to a techweb article that discusses IBM and Linux on PPC. Apparently they are going to start support Linux throughout their product lines- including preloading Linux on their low end RS/6000 boxes.
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IBM to support Linux on PPC

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  • C'mon! I think this article submission thing needs a little more editorial control! ;-)
  • Power PC, SMP. I care, 'cuz a customer sent me a brand spankin' new proc complex for a 43P, gratis.
    (Seems IBM shipped the part out of the blue, cust. called IBM support and they told them to call us 'cuz they didn't know what to do with it.)
    Now if I can just scrounge up the rest of the parts--Linux PPC, here we come!
  • Well, whatever's going on, I'm sure Rob's got a buttload of stuff to deal with, so don't get all huffy puffy about "how come blah blah blah"

    Give the man a break
  • Good to see that IBM and the rest of the corporate world are still just a bunch of greedy whores.

    Anyhow, what every happened to that massive alliance with SCO to turn out the premium OS for Merced? Looks like IBM is trying their damndest to make sure they are selling some kind of hardware with any OS.

    I find it interesting watching all the HW makers starting to become SW agnostic. Didn't it used to be the other way around?
  • I realize that it would be twenty times as expensive as the equivalent processing power built around Intel chips, but the thought of an SP frame full of multiprocessor nodes configured as a Beowulf setup gives me a cheap thrill.

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