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Cool Cases:The Lego Mac 13

Tom Owad writes "Taking a Powerbook 160, I disassembled it, reconnected the parts using Erector set pieces, and encased it in Lego. Pictures and information are here "
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Cool Cases:The Lego Mac

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  • Impressive. Now, let's see what can be done with MindStorms-based computer cases. That should make for something very interesting indeed.
  • I dunno if anyone else has noticed this, but I've been getting tons of broken links, garbled pages, self-referencing links (that should be referencing the next comment), hopelessly fubared formatting, and so on recently. Also stories that appear and disappear, as well as comments that do the same. Now the icons along the top bar are shot.

    /methinks something's wrong with the back-end DB...

    - Sean

    - SeanNi
  • An old Z-80-based thing...

    (With a couple of custom modifications)

    - Sean

    - SeanNi
  • Several articles disappeared. The UltraHLE one, the Microsoft link, the FPGA supercomputer, Falwell and the Teletubbies, Internet2, and a couple others. I think the software burped, /. hasn't been particularly stable the last few days.

This is clearly another case of too many mad scientists, and not enough hunchbacks.