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thebazaar Announcement 8

Steve Blood sent an annoucment concerning the status of thebazaar, most especially it's changing status and re-scheduling.

As many of you know, the Bazaar has been going through a transition as we bring on a partner who will enable us to continue with our mission of creating a free software conference and expo that will benefit the free software development projects. That partner will be Earthweb, a company with a history of commitment to the developer community. Earthweb has been a tremendous supporter of our efforts and is excited to invest the necessary resources to bring us to a new level. Important to note: it is now definite that the dates of the Bazaar will change. We haven't settled on the new dates, but they will most likely be in July. It will still be held in New York.

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Unfortunately, the transition has not been as smooth as desired. The legal issues involved in teaming up with a nonprofit organization are apparently nontrivial and are still unresolved. Please bear with us, as we finalize things. I apologize for any inconveniences. If there's anything I can do please email me at sblood@thebazaar.org.

We would also like to thank all of you who have supported us throughout this entire endeavor. Those who know the history of the Bazaar are aware that this has not been an easy task, and the support from the free software community has been invaluable.

We will issue a press release as soon as everything is settled.

-steve blood

ps- speakers and developers, if you have incurred any costs due to us, please contact me and we'll make arrangements to help you cover them.

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thebazaar Announcement

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  • Now I'm only an hour away instead of 4-5. :)
  • Speaking for myself and VA, sorry to see this happen. Be sure to contact us with new dates/info as you have it.

    Chris DiBona
    Dir. of Linux Mktg, VA Research

  • This looks like a Good Thing to me. There's too many trade shows now! Macworld Expo (Jan/Aug), Linuxworld (March, and a second one planned later in the year!), Bazaar (July), ALS (October), LinuxExpo (May)... argh!

    I'm seriously thinking about writing something about that. Essay-style. Lay the Haas-FU down on it.

    Maybe we could leave our gear at the Javitz Center if it's late enough in July. The Macworld Expo will probably be there a few weeks after the Bazaar ends. That would be good for us, not having to ship our gear to the same city twice.
  • This is good from my perspective: March through May are nightmare conference months, in July I only need to compete with Siggraph
  • Since I'm more interested in the Open Source/Free Software movement, I'd like to go.
    But, Febrary, March and April are gonna be way too hectic for me to go. So I'm for moving this to July. Besides its easier for most people to get time off in the summer.

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