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Techweb article on Google 16

lorax writes " Techweb has a good article on Google, everyone's favorite Linux based search engine. They expect to get venture-capital in a couple of months. "
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Techweb article on Google

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  • Most new sites are NOT very useful. There is almost always a growth period that they go through at first. During this period, if people value the site, it will get more links, and its value will increase. It seems like it'll work fine. Your brand new site may not be in the listing right away, but you have to ask yourself whether it deserves to be.

    As far as stale "unpopular" sites, I presume they have some kind of aging algorithm in the scoring, so that value fades away as the links do.
  • ...couldn't we harness the /. effect to get them money? I'll send 'em $100 for a 1e-6 or so stake in the project. (Modify the factor for the amount of money desired---if they sold 49.9999...% of Google at that factor, they'd get $50M if fully subscribed.)
  • The questions above are on target, and here's one I haven't seen yet: How long will it take scum to poke holes in Google's algorithm, the way sites try to spam Altavista et al., by mindlessly repeating words in the background or title?

    The old CPU network is a danger, but can be mitigated by continuing to use the older search engines. (Perhaps Google could add an `old-style search' option?) So long as we use other methods as well, and add the (often serendipitous) results to our links, new sites will join the crowd. If we use only one engine to the exclusion of others, though, the results base will stagnate. Google's great, but can't be the only one.

    On the other hand, it will take (significantly?) more effort to spam Google, particularly if they deprecate links between pages in the same site/subdomain. It'll take a conspiracy of spammers, or the effort to set up multiple domains, to generate misleading results. Many small fry just won't bother.

    That said, Google can return some funky finds, too. I was looking into a rumor that Volvo's engines for the 240 series were originally designed for farm tractors, and ended up at a site explaining ``You know you're an old-tractor freak when... []''---all is not lost.

  • by jammer ( 4062 )
    /robots.txt is your friend.

    And if your search engine ignores the robots file, you shouldn't be using it anyway.

    Bad robot. No cookie.

    Of course, that assumes the folks running the web servers are knowledgeable enough (and care enough) to set it up properly. In this day and age... sign.
  • I'd recommend that the just sell shares in the
    company to ordinary folk, just like Real Goods
    and Sam Adams did. Make an offer on slashdot
    and have people sign up on their web site. I'd
    be in for a few hundred bucks if they did this.
    I bet they could raise a mil without breaking into
    a sweat. Might be a good way to expand slashdot
    as well :-) I don't think all of the reporting
    hassles kick in until the shares are publicly
  • ...or get in them quick if they do the amoeba thing to Google.

    Now that I think about it, I would be amazed if they make it to the IPO with all the billion-dollar market caps giving the established players such a load of currency to throw around at startups like this.

    I wish I had enough $$$ to be in on any venture round these guys have. damn.

  • google is my favorite search engine

    Agreed, I am very impressed with Google. Like somone else said it just goes to show that all the best ideas aren't used up yet.

    [In the hope that someone at Google is reading this]
    Just one complaint about Google, please eliminate different URLs that simply duplicate the same content.
  • I doubt a new site is really that useful. Usually it takes time to get the content together and organized in a useful fashion.

    The Internet grew on word of mouth didn't it? If it is really a great site, people will be talking about it and adding it to their links increasing the probability it would show up in a Google search.

    Personally, this concern may only be for business reasons, i.e. you're selling a product. In which case I don't want to see it in ANY results unless enough folks think it's cool enough to link to.

    I don't see the need for instantaneous acceptance for search engines. Go to Alta Vista or something if you REALLY want all those extra links. Leave Google the way it is so I can find what I'm looking for.

    BTW, it's the first search engine (and 90% of the time the only one) I use.

    "Man könnte froh sein, wenn die Luft so rein wäre wie das Bier"
    "We could be happy if the air was as pure as the beer"
  • having recently seen jeff ullman (yes, of the dragon book fame!) speak about the google engine, i must say it's quite amazing.

    turns out the creators had some very interesting insights about the web. for one, the page rank is based on the number of links pointing to the page, based on idea that if people point to that page, then it must be a key resource to that community.

    secondly, the pay some attention to the words on the page, but much more attention to the words in the links pointing to that page, because links usually summarize the page they're pointing to. (this is tweaked, of course, for phrases like 'click here'... :)

    how about that for an interesting engine?
  • as someone posted here, I thought, a while back, the moment they turned into entrepreneurs, all of their interesting research fell into a black hole. Bad Thing.

    [Somebody posted "FIRST POST" and stayed anonymous? Pointless Thing.]

    Google got my vote when I typed in my name and clicked on "do you feel lucky?" It instantly popped to my home page. Neat Thing.

    Post on slashdot 'before they are publicly traded' ? My son, that IS being publicly traded. There are securities laws in these here parts, stranger. Read up on what a prospectus is.
  • I don't know about you but google is my favorite search engine. Yeah its slow sometime...but I always get the best results out of it! And Im not just saying this cause they support Linux! I think everyone should get a oogle logo and put it on there webpage like I did!
  • There is a paper called The Christmas Document [] that proposes a new architecture for Internet searching, categorization, and ranking: it is to be contributed to, maintained, and controlled collectively and consistently by all the people who surf and create the Web pages.

    A reference:
    I think something along these lines is certainly a good idea.
    Sergey Brin, President,


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