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Boeing uses real time open source CORBA ORB 39

An anonymous contributor wrote in saying " Boeing is using an open source CORBA ORB called TAO in its avionics systems. The idea is that complex systems can benefit from standard off the shelf software." I'm posting this story because it shows that Tao was able switch processing over from a broken processor, possibly making it useful for life-support equipment in hospitals or in space.
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Boeing uses real time open source CORBA ORB

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  • Once again, Sengan uses Slashdot for a soapbox.
    While personally I don't like weapons...

    Silly sengan, don't you realize that if it wasn't for weapons, your precious european country would be the German Empire? Evil people can use force, so we must have the ability to use force so those evil people don't own us.

    I sleep better at night knowing that the US has the strongest military in the world. I think that it's great that we're going to have a kick-butt F22 and kick-butt JSF planes. And you people who think that the military is unnecessary are the same people who will want it when it is needed.

  • Apple Pie originated in Australia if I'm not mistaken.
  • Strange, I was just about to point out the opposite. Recently I've seen an alarming amount of anti-American posts on slashdot and on several other places. It's amazing how many people hate the United States. I'm not sure why this is.

    First I see a lot of people mock the US for going on the offensive and defending foreign nations. I find it odd that people will condemn this action before actually understanding why we do it. We bomb military installations in a country with an oppresive government and everyone is on our backs because they believe our president is trying to cover up his own problems.

    Then there is that notion that you will get shot, stabbed, thrown off a tower, and robbed if you go out any time past 8 pm in the US. While that might be true in some of the slums, it sure isn't true where I live or any of the places I've lived (up and down the west coast, hawaii and in the east coast).
  • I don't like weapons, either. But I do realize that a lot of the technological innovation to come out of the latter half of the 20th century...internet included...derived from military R&D. The implication that breaking news in science or technology dealing with the military may not be appropriate to report in slashdot if there is no immediate and obvious civillian benefit is chilling.

    I find it distressing that /. editors see fit to censor the technical news they post based on political, rather than technical, merit.

    SoupIsGood Food
  • I thought they were working with Venix (or some similarly-named thing), but then it coould've been an older project.
  • While I don't necessarily agree with the sentiment of the above article, I do agree that Sengan shouldn't be using this stuff to give a billboard for his own views.
  • It happens both ways, you see Europeans bash Americans on /. and vice versa as well.
    And it does happen in real life too (I've had a couple of Europeans discuss in front of me how uncultured and stupid Americans are). Just accept that there are idiots out there and do your best to ignore them.
    OTOH, I think sengan's post was inappropriate. If he wants, he can post an immediate followup with his pontificating, but I (and others) would appreciate it being kept off the front page.
  • Have you learned nothing from the 20th century?

    If you really despise all these things, then move to India, shave your head, and let the sympathetic masses steal every stitch of your clothing and beat you senseless with sticks. That way, you will die a quick, honorable death, and leave the rest of us survive in the real world.

    Whether or not you *like* violence, there are people and ideas in this world that are plain evil. Your choice is to either succumb or resist. As the evil people will happily kill you just for resisting.

    What we don't need in this forum is another effete pseudo-intellectual that likes all the trapping of modern society, but is *horrified*, yes *horrified* that a society is willing to defend its ideals and way of life.
  • "While personally I don't like weapons..." Please. sengan. I come to slashdot for news and discussions, not for *your* non-tech-related political views. I know it was just one comment you slipped into the blurb. But please don't waste the time of the thousands of slashdot readers who visit every hour, and couldn't give a RAT'S ASS what your views on the military are.
  • Look at all the posts above. 1 about the actual
    article and a dozen about the military-industrial
    complex! Not the appropriate forum! Please Sengan!
    You are ruining it for everyone! How can we placate you
    so you'll stop editorializing!!!
  • Age. I have a feeling that the average age for many /. posters is fairly low.

    Personally I have only one major anti-european bias: Our F-22 is gonna kick euro-fighter ass all over the place. But then again, I am quite biased. :-)

  • It's not to do with Sengan's specific opinions, 'European' or not. It's the fact that he uses main stories to express them at all, when for fairness, he should post comments like everyone else.

    Slashdot needs to have a clear distinction between news and editorial, like good newspapers (are supposed to) have.
  • I think the way the screenshots show it that it should play nice as multi-player. The play area is nice and open, and there's not much clutter to get in the way.
    I thought Descent was too enclosed to play nicely, this looks refreshingly different.
  • I think Europeans say more crap about us that we do about them. Every time I'm playing a game or something online, some European or Canadian is saying something bad about the U.S. France was trying to cozy up to Iraq; then they found out how loyal Iraq is to their friends. And for some odd reason, all Canadians think their country is the greatest country in the world. IMHO, I think Canada is a waste of space. No country is perfect, but I wouldn't want to live anywhere but in the U.S. There are some really hot chicks in Germany though...

  • It's ironic that those people that cry foul because Sengan says "personally I don't like weapons" (gosh, is that a crime to say?), complain that these sort of comments are not tech-related.

    If you're so concerned about making /. tech-only, why the hell are you spending so much time responding to his comment, posting responses that are not tech-related? You've flooded a CORBA story with irrelevant posts. It makes you all look like a bunch of fscking hypocrites.

    Sengan's was a through away comment, like: "I don't like jello, but here is a story about it...". Deal with it, people.

    It makes me wonder if most of you have a pro-weapons agenda or something. Well, personally I don't like weapons, just like Sengan. They tend to hurt people. Way to go, Sengan, don't change.

  • by fat_bob ( 10833 )
    That is one of the daftest comments I've ever seen posted on Slashdot.

    So how would any country be a part of the German empire if it wasn't for weapons? Do you think the German's would go round saying "I say, old chap, fancy being a part of the German empire?". I somehow doubt it. Call me stupid, but I suspect the existence of weapons would be a prerequisite for a German empire.
  • Really, after the whole gulf bombing fiasco, it seems as though people have a hair trigger response to whatever sengan posts. If someone had said: I don't like closed source software, but here's an article on blah-blah-blah, no one would object. There are probably a number of people who disagree with that viewpoint who read Slashdot, but the article is still relavant.

    Actually after first reading it, I was going to complain that the post didn't make any sense, but I see the reson is that I read it after it had its "I don't like weapons"-ectomy. I was also surprised that the poster ( I didn't look at who it was at first) didn't mention that open source software was being used for military purposes.

    Personally, If I wrote OSS that was taken by the military and used to deliver bombs, I'd have a bit of an internal crisis to deal with. I'd bet that I'm not alone, nort in a very small minority in feeling this way.

    I don't think the Sengan is any more editorial than anyone else (in general) and I really think that people should get off his back.

    Maybe Rob should implement a killfile so people can filter out posters they think are "offensive," but honestly I think that the loud complainers should just become a little more tolerant of people who don't share their viewpoint.

    Persnally, I'm more irritated at the person who expurgated Sengans article.
  • I thought I might bring in some fresh air, and mention a few facts that might be of interest to Linux user. If you have worked with TAO before, what I say isn't going to be anything new. But I believe a lot of people might benefit from some solid information, whether they like weapons or not.

    1. Please go easy on Doug Schmidt's web site. They are /.-ed.

    2. TAO stands for "The ACE Orb", while ACE stands for "Adaptive Communication Environment". ACE is a very nice environment for developing communications systems. TAO is developed using ACE.

    3. TAO (pronounced [dow]) has been ported to many platforms---Win32 (NT3, NT4, 95, even CE), SunOS4, 5, IRIX 5, 6, HP-UX 9, 10, 11, DEC UNIX 4, AIX4, Linux, SCO, UnixWare, NetBSD, FreeBSD, VxWorks, Chorus, LynxOS, and pSoS, MVS.

    4. Compiling TAO on Linux is totally painless. Although an auto config script is not available, each platform is HAND CONFIGURED already. I compiled it on Red Hat 5.1.

    5. TAO is mainly a C++ thing. There is not yet IDL compiler for other languages. But it is compliant with the CORBA 2.2 specification and IIOP 1.0 specification. So it INTEROPERATES with CORBA objects from another ORB.

    6. The comp.soft-sys.ace is a USENET news group dedicated to ACE. A fair amount of TAO discussion is also carried on there. There's an ACE and TAO mailing list that you can subscribe from the TAO home page. The traffic of the mailing list is GATEWAYED to the news group, so you can expact to see some useful discussions there. The news group postinga are NOT gatewayed back to the mailing list.

    7. TAO is a very serious ORB. It is written for standard compliance and performance. It's Real-Time claim is rarely seen amount ORB vendors.

    8. TAO is Open Source, you get the source! You compile it yourself. And it just works. You can also get someone else to do it for you, see #10. below

    9. TAO is the whole thing. There's the ORB, and there's all (well, almost) the CORBA services (Naming_Service, Event_Service, Trading_Service, etc., things other vendors unbundle from their ORB).

    10. TAO is commercially supported. Just like Cygnus supports GNU C/C++, TAO has gained a commercial support provider. Industrial grade support and training is obtainable by contacting Object Computing, Inc. (http://www.ociweb.com).

    [Disclaimer: I am an employee of OCI, although not in the TAO group. The opinions above does not represent any one else but my own.]

    IIO, my third(?) message to /.
  • ... is the way of things. It is wise to be prepared when living in such a world.

    Arguing over who had weapons first is like arguing the chicken and egg problem. Wishing for all weapons to eventually go away is like Canute commanding the sea to recede.

    There is nothing wrong with holding a philosophy which is against weaponry. If you can survive in such a fashion it is admirable and right to do so. There comes a time, however, when instruments of force and violence are necessary. When such times arise I would prefer to be ready for them. If this means having weapons in order to deter those who would use weapons against me, then so be it. If I choose to use said weapons in an immoral and unrighteous fashion, then it is only fitting that I expect those around me to prevent this by any means necessary - including their own use of weapons against me.

    The existence of weapons has never been the problem; it's the willingness of people to use them against others to force their will that is the problem. Since there will never be a shortage of such people, and since eliminating the pursuit of weapons is impossible given our nature, it is proper to arm one's self for defense against them.

    I'm rambling... I'll stop. It's people, not weapons.

  • Has anybody noticed that one of the sponsors of the development of ACE and TAO is Microsoft? I presume they are in the CORBA project to try to screw it up, but it seems they have failed so far.

    I don't like weapons, so I have never bought any. Vote with your wallet!
  • What does this have to do with CORBA?

    Why do Sengan's opinions have any bearing on news postings?

    BTW Sengan: That's a broad statement. Do you use flatware? That could be considered a "weapon" against your dinner - even if you don't eat animals.

    And isn't it arguable that living as a member of a society made possible by the effective use of weapons is tanamount to supporting their use?

    Please keep your opinions to yourself, unless you're in a forum appropriate for expressing opinions.....
  • I want on of those 2.2 ORB drives, how does this relate
  • What is this relationship between CORBA and Koffice

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