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Hidden South Park video on PlayStation game get Recalled 19

Isaac-Lew wrote in to tell us about the Tiger Woods playstation CD, which apparently has southpark's "spirit of christmas" mpeg on it in PC format if ya happened to stick it in your computer instead of your playstation. It got recalled. Guess Santa & Jesus doing battle is just to much for the kiddies to handle.
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Hidden South Park video on PlayStation game get Recalled

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  • This is very cool, but is it worth a double-post
    Don't sweat the flames though, I still love SlashDot!
  • by voidptr ( 609 )
    If the parent gave their kids a Southpark game, why is he concerned about giving them access to inapropriate material? Is the game really cleaner than the TV show? If so, what's the point?
  • Posted by gruv:

    A good friend of mine has it. He discovered it after he read the news. So he would of never found it. And he told me there is no way he is going to send it back...that's a gem.

  • Posted by Windigo The Feral (NYAR!):

    this actually isn't the first time that AVIs or MPEGs have been included on Playstation CDs, and it also isn't the first time easter-egg type "hidden files" have been placed on a PSX CD-ROM that are only accessable when you use the CD in a manner other than playing it as a Playstation game. :) (For example, "Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night" has an actual audio track that is playable if the CD-ROM is loaded in a normal CD player.) At least one other Playstation CD-ROM had "unofficial" hidden files of this type (specifically, a picture gallery from an anime, if memory serves).

    The main trouble I've run across with this (yes, I actually DO look at my Playstation CDs on a PC just to see what hidden stuff is there, and all) is that in a lot of cases you have difficulty playing it straight from CD-ROM or copying the file. (AVI, MIDI, etc.) I have heard there are utilities to do this, though...I also get a sneaking suspicion Mac users have an easier time of it. (Does anyone actually have info on how the Playstation's file system is set up, like does it use a resource fork and data fork, etc?)

    I *have* to admit that this is one of the decidedly funnier "hidden eggs" out of the better ones since the infamous Amiga Kickstart 1.2 easter egg (the good old one where Amiga GmBH let us all know exactly what they thought of Commodore... :). :)

  • Anyone remeber how everyone was going to that one movie(i forgot the name) just to see the SW trailer, and then left before the movie showed?

    Does the same idea apply to this? They should have left the mp3 on the cd just to boost the sales of the game. Hehe.
  • Anyone know whether RTMARK is behind this? Could be their style: corruption of youth; corporate sabotage; copyright infringement.
  • Well there's Joliet and Romeo as well as plain old iso9660. And you've got to make a distinction between 'PC' and Mac CD format CDs, as Mac users have an annying habit of using HFS instead.

  • I just had a look on the Comedy Central Article:

    • He [the father] tried to call the help line and they blew him off, so he called the radio in Tampa.

    Hehe. I would so much love to see the expression on the face of that guy who told the father he was lying and that "we don't put no South Park videos our CDs."

    Quite expensive for a digital version of the first South Park Movie, but I guess you do get a game for it as well.

  • I seen this on TV and they showed the guy (or at least the parent) who first claimed to have found it. He was all concerned that his kids would be forever corrupted or something after seeing the video. I think parents should lay off a bit on the censorship stuff. Do these parents that complain have any idea what school is like?
  • by Jae ( 14657 )
    Is it the zzdummy.dat file? (according to the SP webpage, it's a dat file, and the above is the only big enough to be the movie).

    If it is, I don't know how those kids would have found it, b/c if you stick it in a windows machine, it asks what program to open it with. And unless those kids tried every program, I doubt they could have found it.

  • Title says it all. Read the article. This was only included on the PC, not PSX.

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