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MP3.COM gets $11 Million 17

An anonymous reader wrote in to tell us that Sequoia Capital has invested 11 Million dollars into The same company that help Apple, Cisco, Yahoo and Oracle get there starts. What does this mean for the MP3 Industry? More respect?" Very interesting. Does Sequoia Capital want to invest in any (cough) Geek 'zines while they're at it? Anyway this is pretty sweet- I've been frequenting for awhile. Sites like that are really alpha testing the future of the music industry. If they succeed, I'll never need to leave my chair again. Well, maybe for food.
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MP3.COM gets $11 Million

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  • Remember what happened to the founders of Cisco, Rob? I don't think you necessarily want these people investing in your site.
  • by heller ( 4484 )
    Go to Click on a genre. Click on instant play. Huh? .ra files?

    I'm sorry, but this is I'm looking for mp3 for a reason, and it certainly isn't cuz I think that RealAudio files are better quality. . .

    ** Martin
  • What I'd like is to see when the IPO of happens.

    I've seen too many internet stocks jump up, and this is one area that stands to have a __LOT__ of growth in the future.

    I'm not going to let another internet stock pass me up and go into the range of unaffordability before I can make it rich with stocks ;)

  • there starts -> their starts. 'Nuff said.

    More relevantly, this should give a
    huge boost! Good for them!
  • It's sad how people don't really realise that mp4 is not an ISO standard or any standard. I was just reading posts on public-enemy and everyone seems to be under the impression that mp4 was next that has happend to digital music.

    Post some educated views here []

    Lets make sure everyone knows what we are talking about...
  • Tord,

    First of all, thanks for BladeEnc. My life has never been the same since i found your excellent utility.

    Next, when would the next linux version be out? (for i86) I've noticed that on your site, the most recent one is ...x72.. while the other Unices have a higher version out. Is there a difference ?

    Also, could bladeEnc be made to output mp3 streams while encoding to stdout? That would be nice.. and helpful for streaming ppl with fast machines.
  • Order pizza from the web!

    Now, how to get the beer. Maybe a fridge next to the computer. But to resupply it....


    "Man könnte froh sein, wenn die Luft so rein wäre wie das Bier"
    "We could be happy if the air was as pure as the beer"
  • get mp3 to sound halfway decent, I would love it.

    Coming from an audio engineer point of view, mp3 is a sonic nightmare. I've talked with many engineers and alot of non-engineers about this, 99% of them agreed. The other 1% is clinically deaf in his right ear (dam car streos)and isn't an engineer.

    Anytime you digitally strip anything from a full file, you're overall quality of the dynamic range diminishes, even if those frquencies cannot be heard by human ears. you can argue all you want, but my ears don't lie to me.

    I personally like DVD audio, lots of room to store huge, phat songs, with a full rich dynamic range.

    I guess for portablilty, mp3 makes sense, but I won't buy it. I love my music to sound good.

  • Man, I wish I were the lucky guy to get the domain name! Maybe I should get a head start by registering or something :)
  • Perhaps this will give the MP3 industry a little more swing in the grand scheme of things. :)

    With the money available, could even become a fully-fledged music company, giving the fair share of royalties to the artists that they deserve. No more record execs riding in limos from their signee's successes. Wouldn't that be the day.

    I hate paying $17 CDN for a CD, knowing the artist gets very little. I'd prefer something like $1 per track, with 50% or more going to the artist. People say this money goes toward promotion of the album, but I think most good music can promote itself.

    I wonder what the future holds...
  • I think its great that sites like this promote free music. If you go download some of that stuff, its actualy alright.
    From i've already purchaced 3 cds from groups around there.

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