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Linux at COMDEX/Canada West '99 8

Petar Knezevich writes "I thought I'd drop a note here mentioning that there will be a Linux booth setup at COMDEX/Canada West '99, this next week (Jan. 11, 12 & 13). The booth will be staffed by members of the Vancouver LUG as well as members of the Victoria and Fraser Valley LUGs. We are planning on having a fun time and advocating an OS that is on par with some of the best in the world. I hope to see anyone who is going to be in town next week. You can check out our web site via the CLUE site"
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Linux at COMDEX/Canada West '99

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  • Nope, 21. The text on the regestration card you get when you have registered clearly says 'no one under the age of 21 will be allowed in'. It used to 16, and before that (when I started going at age 12 or so) there was no age limit.

    While I can understand that they want to keep the show professional and all, how many of the greatest programmers/computer people started being interested in computers only after they were 21.

    Course, it's no big deal IMHO, the show last year was basically a contest of who could have the loudest booth, and how much of the floor could be taken up by Microsoft and it's minions
  • I've met many gifted coders who were teens. I wonder how age discriminatory they would be at
    Comdex, if Linux had been written by a 15 year old?

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