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Christmas Eve Quickies

cyril sent this cartoon over with an interesting take on world domination, while no-s sent an interesting picture high-lighting some of the problems with X Proliferation. President John F. Kennedy has announced volume 1 of PROPAGANDA-check it out for Desktop enhancements. It also appears that needs some assistance with news updating. If you can help out send mail to Finally, I got one of the most interesting pleas from Eric Savage. If you are living in the Boston area, and want high-bandwidth living, click below for his plea.
...Two, our apartment has a dual T1 connection because we run several ISP' s ( and This makes it pretty appealing to most nerdy types. We're looking for two roommates.

Its in Boston (Mission Hill) and the rent is $420/month.

I understand if you can't help, but we would be grateful if you could.


Eric Savage

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Christmas Eve Quickies

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