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The Dark Side of Tux

Manuka writes "I have discovered that our favourite mascot has a scary dark side... And he has friends. Come visit my observations of tux in action... Warning: disturbing imagery may follow ". I've attached my response below.
rob's penguins

After seeing the horrors on the page above, I consulted my penguins. They were a bit busy reading the Bible (or was that my leatherbound copy of the Hitch Hikers Guide? Is there really any discernable difference between the 2 tomes? Not on jeff's crappy quickcam, thats for sure. I really need a good digital camera *grin*) but I tore them away from it.

Leroy (the big one in back that Kathy expects me to feed) wanted to represent his species by stating that "not all penguins are as naughty as Manuka's". The others were just pissed that they weren't invited to the party.

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The Dark Side of Tux

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