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Download WordPerfect 8 for Linux Today

Dengue writes "So, I was just checking my mail and this was in... "Corel is pleased to announce that the Corel WordPerfect 8 for Linux free download will be available [today] exclusively from CNET. When we started this project, we anticipated that there was a strong demand by the Linux community for powerful applications like Corel WordPerfect; the overwhelming response-over 60,000 Linux users preregistered for the free download-reaffirms that belief." " I'm itching to hammer on this thing- it's just in time. My last exam is today, I'll never need to write a paper again. That's alright- I've been using vim, writing HTML and printing from Netscape most of the time anyway *grin*.
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Download WordPerfect 8 for Linux Today

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