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Jikes licensing problems

As many of you pointed out there are some problems with the Jikes license. Since I knew Bruce had approved the license, I assumed that it was the final license that had been approved. Apparently, this was not the case. Given how helpful IBM has been, I'm confident they'll resolve this as soon as possible (read: lawyers take their time to get things right). I'm posting this since people have apparently been complaining to the OSI. The OSI release follows.
The Open Source Initiative board has found some problems in the IBM Jikes license that we feel make it fall somewhat short of the spirit of the Open Source Definition - so far. I've discussed this with Dave Shields at IBM and have a conference-call scheduled tomorrow with him, IBM lawyers, and other IBM staff. None of the problems are insurmountable and we will be working to resolve them. IBM will create a public forum for your comments on the license at .

Respectfully Submitted

Bruce Perens

By order of the Open Source Initiative board.

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Jikes licensing problems

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