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Christmas Cheer

Rob Begs for Christmas Presents

Well I did this last year, and the among the best things I got was a gigantic floppy disk, and a box full of dead hard drives. It was just so much fun that I figured I ought to try again this year. If you have cool geek stuff: beer, strange hardware, posters, or anything else that a geek might like as a strange Christmas present, mail it to the address I've posted at the end of this article. I'm gonna post pictures of the coolest stuff. You could even consider this a combo Christmas/Graduation present since my last class is next week thursday *grin*. Now back to the news (Bracing myself for the flames: "This isn't News!")
Rob Malda Christmas Crap
116 E 18th
Holland, MI 49423

Ho ho ho. Nothing illegal please. And nothing that I would have to feed.

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Rob Begs for Christmas Presents

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