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Microsoft considering annual fee for Windows

Steev wrote in to tell us that Microsoft's senior vice president for sales to PC manufacturers, Joachim Kempin suggested in December 1997 that Microsoft should charge an annual fee for Windows in a memo sent to Bill Gates. Other companies have been thinking similarly, to move from a one-shot sale industry to a service industry, using the Internet. Instead of buying an app, you'd get an executable for free which would require you to log into an account which provides you with large processing power (further reducing PC cost) while reducing piracy. You get charged by consumption rather than one-time only. However, with apps, you always have the option of moving to another service provider. With an OS, things get a little harder... In related news, Japan's FTC will issue a warning against Microsoft Japan. update! In other related news, Microsoft has at long last done the expected: claimed in court that Linux is a major competitor to Windows...
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Microsoft considering annual fee for Windows

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