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Linux at Comdex

Nick Moffitt from SuSE has written in with pre-show report from the Linux Pavillion at this the falls Comdex. Things are almost ready to go out there. Hit the link below to read what he has to say. Update: 11/16 07:59 by CT : Kit Cosper of Linux-hw wrote in to send us a link to a page of Pictures from the show.
The following was written by Slashdot reader Nick Moffitt

Well, we just got the SuSE booth up and connected to the net, so I felt I'd send in a brief note about how COMDEX is going. First of all, the Linux buzz here is BIG. We're in the Sands convention center, in the "Linux Pavillion". The Sands is basically just a big parking garage with cheap carpet laid down, and we're all dodging little electric scooters and forklifts labeled with teamster insignia.

Things should calm down a bit once the laborers finish hauling all the equipment around, although we all expect a big crowd once the show starts tomorrow. It's quite startling, but Linux is the premiere attraction in the Sands! There are huge signs all over the convention center that say "This way to the LINUX Pavillion: Linux in the limelight!". I'd send an image, but everyone's been too busy with convention setup to go look for a digital camera.

All the big names are here: VA Research, Linux hardware Solutions, Red Hat, Caldera, SSC, Pacific HighTech (makers of TurboLinux), and, of course, SuSE. I stopped by the SSC booth and picked up a tin of those Penguin brand caffeinated peppermints. I've been munching on them for the past ten minutes, and it certainly shows as my typing rate has increased dramatically. These things will soon

At any rate, the Linux Pavillion looks nearly finished, and the booths are all really sharp. I'll be sending more info as the convention progresses. Nick Moffitt
SuSE, Inc.

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Linux at Comdex

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