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Cyrix to show WebPad at Comdex

Cyrix will be demonstrating a Wireless Net Device called a WebPad at Comdex. I've played with one already, and really like it. It's thought of as a web-browser that you can read anywhere in your house, but could easily be extended to capture notes, etc. It has a 10 inch really bright wide-viewing angle LCD panel, and runs on a MediaGX processor. Because it uses a standard x86 but is application specific, it can run any OS (currently QNX but could be Linux, WinCE, OpenDOS, whatever) without compatibility with legacy software being of great issue. It's got its own loudspeakers so I listened to the BBC world news over the internet on it. It's radio range is pretty good too (500 feet) and it worked outside. I really hope it takes off as I'd like to buy one. Hopefully it will be sufficiently open to enable a Linux port which means that someone out there needs to start working on a GNU handwriting recognition library: it uses a touch-screen with a pen. Any takers? Voice recognition would also be good.
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Cyrix to show WebPad at Comdex

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