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Government customer stamps FUD out of consultant

Linux Today has a feature written by Steve Birch who is building a 200 processor distributed system using Linux. His customer, some government agency hired a consultant who asked them: Do you really want to base your system on "freeware?" There is no technical support, how will you get questions answered? Who are you going to blame? Read what happened next.... Seems like FUD is now returning to haunt its originators. Update: 11/12 06:23 by CT : I just found a bug in Slash! It accidentally deleted all the comments attached to this article! The funny part is that there were was tons of flames and insults (frankly the comments on this article were embarassing) but I'm sure everyone will just assume I did it because I'm censorship oriented demon. Untrue, but now I gotta go track this bug down before it strikes again. I'm really sorry to the dozen or so good posts that got nuked, hopefully this won't happen again.
Update: 11/12 06:57 by CT : ok I tracked the bug down. It was a really odd glitch that I musta stuck in accidentally when writing the moderator code awhile back. It's squashed now, so hopefully this won't happen again.

Once again, I'm seriously sorry, this was a total accident. Unfortunate, because this article included one of the daily 'Rob is a Bastard and Slashdot is an unstable cespool' threads, so it would appear that I might have created this "bug" out of spite. This isn't the case. If you don't believe me, there isn't anything I can do about it. I'm just glad I fixed this bug before releasing Slash 0.3. That woulda been a pisser.

As an aside, the server has had an uptime of 10 days now. Mysql on the other hand... well I'm working on that one. It's still leaking. Now I need some food- nate made tacos. Yum.

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Government customer stamps FUD out of consultant

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