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Internal Microsoft OSS Memo

Found in LWN. Apparently, Microsoft has begun its dissection of the open source community. Eric Raymond has been leaked an internal Microsoft memo regarding open source software. Quite the interesting read. Turns out they even mention Slashdot. This could be beneficial to us in another way, as well: it points out, in no uncertain words, our deficiencies. Consider it the master TODO list, guys. Update!(S) Vorx writes "ZDNet just posted an article about the MS Halloween document. They mention ESR and his role in publicizing it. Seems like more attention is being paid to this article now, maybe some PHB's will start to wonder about MS and Fear :)"
Update! (S) David Rysdam wrote to tell us: "I wrote to ESR myself and told him about the brouhaha over here at Slashdot over the "Halloween Paper". I explained that many thought it was a hoax perpetrated on or by him, but that I thought even if he was the hoaxster I didn't believe he'd keep up an outright lie. So I asked him straight: "To the best of your knowledge, is this memo what it purports to be: a leaked, internal, MS communication?" He responded: "Absolutely. I believe it is authentic." So I think we can drop the "ESR is lying" hypothesis." Also, Paul Victor Novarese has mirrored the Halloween Document (with ESR's permission).
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Internal Microsoft OSS Memo

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