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Intel provides some online support for Linux

An anonymous contributor wrote the following: "Intel has a private website for authorised dealers, on its "IPD" program. It also sends out by email some newsletters. They now provide "recipes" for setting up servers under Linux, as well as a few other OS types. Today in my inbox I got the following: It provides a series of PDF files showing how to set up your system, prepare disks, install Red Hat or Caldera Linux, configure LILO, XFree, and installing Apache. The PDF files have high revision numbers (1.5+), some cover Redhat 5.0, and were last changed in July, suggesting that Intel's official Linux involvement has been going on for some time." slashdot has seen proof that these documents exist and are well-written: nicely idiot proof. They'd probably be useful to the LDP if Intel were to make them generally available.
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Intel provides some online support for Linux

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